Peace Out, Bitch: Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema Leaving U.S. Senate

Posted March 5, 2024 by with 3 comments

One of the more worthless, corrupt, and corporately-owned pieces of shit in American political history is stepping down from the U.S. Senate when her term ends this year. Realizing that there’s no way she can win in November, Arizona senator Kyrsten Sinema (seen above, voting down a federal minimum wage increase) won’t seek a second term, and she made the announcement today in this video:

Sinema’s lifelong grift will no doubt continue when she becomes a lobbyist and rakes in more cash from the same scumbag corporatists who controlled her in the senate. The Democrat who will hopefully replace her is a U.S. Representative named Ruben Gallego, but he’ll have to beat the Republican challenger. The Arizona Republican primary is in two weeks, but as of now, polling indicates that Gallego’s challenger will likely be deranged MAGA whore Kari Lake.

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