Performer Mickey Taylor Hospitalized Following Panic Attack

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mf4Gay porn star, director, and singer Mickey Taylor has just shared with fans the above photos and below message revealing that he’s been admitted to the hospital following a panic attack. After being seen by doctors, he’s been told that he has a “slight” heart condition that’ll require overnight monitoring and medication. In the below message, Mickey also shares that he suffers from bipolar disorder, gastritis, and alcoholism, and that he’s attempted to take his own life. Via Facebook:

So this morning was a shit show. I pissed off and upset three people that I love and in my guilt I had a bad panick attack which has revealed a slight problem with my heart. I am staying in over night so they can pump me full of drugs and liquids and hopefully strengthen it again. Fingers crossed.

Want to say a big thank you to Kit Wilde for getting me to hospital and making sure I was safe and okay and the same with Joey OjOj Moser

Bipolar and depression are something I’ve always had but these past few months I have struggled. Between suicide attempts, my alcohol addiction and rehabilitation, breakdowns and now this and my gastritis I have let it rule me. I need to focus on healing mentally and physically. All I want to say is to everyone is that I’m sorry for upsetting or hurting any of you or acting out. This is not me and you know it. I promise to work on being better and making it up to you. Mental health disease is real. But we grow by talking about it together and supporting one another. Sorry Freddy, Luke, Michael, Joey and everyone I have hurt these past few weeks. I am working on being myself again.

Love you all! Wish me healing thoughts. ♥️❤️ Bring Haribo!
Sorry for putting you all through hell! ♥️

Never be afraid to to talk about mental health.

Over the weekend (as seen below), Mickey celebrated Manchester Pride with Sister Roma, who traveled to the U.K. to attend the festival. Best wishes to Mickey, as he receives the help he needs and makes a speedy, long-lasting recovery.


  • FrenchBug

    The nice person in me wants to congratulate him on coming out with his alcoholism (that should have been the headline IMHO), a tough, courageous step that I hope will help him on the upward road to recovery that it sounds he has already started to take. No shame in acknowledging that you suffer from addiction and wishing him the best.

    The bitch in me looked at the “hospitalized after panic attack” headline and rolled my eyes.

    The major cunt in me wants to joke that the information presented here provides us with another piece of the puzzle re:what he did to his body.

    But, really, genuinely wishing him good recovery.

      • james brown


    • james brown

      another fool fighting a loosing battle with the devil from within……if ur gonna wish someone/anyone well… just that n only that……”But, really, genuinely wishing him good recovery”……..exercise a hint of self-discipline n fight the devil frm within you to express the evil unnecessary extra shit that just ttly contradicted the compassion you attempted to display…..i mean damn….shldnt that have been obvious from jump…..just because you stated the words…does not mean that you meant them……ya said them in an attempt to clean up all the ugly shit you said prior….thus far you are fighting a loosing battle cause clearly the devil is winning…n the irony is you have a clue…..ummm consider this your clue…

  • Marik Ishtar

    Not that I don’t wish him well, but I’m getting sick of seeing selfies from hospital beds. It’s getting to the point where I fully expect nurses to start asking patients to sign wavers “and don’t forget to tag us on our official Instagram!”

    [mini-spout aside] May your heart grow strong and your mind more composed. Take care and take time.

    • james brown

      “Not that I don’t wish him well, but I’m getting sick of seeing selfies from hospital beds.”…… ya gotta love the fools that give with one hand n take it back with the other……..f ya wish him well then state that n keep it moving…….if ya gonna chastise him for posting a selfie frm his hospital bed then it ttly contradicts you claiming to wish him well……welcome to the age of social media….everybody n their mama choose to post pics from their hospital beds as if anyone besides their mama gives a shit…..if your sick of folks posting picks from their hospital beds…..i strongly suggest you simply pass them by,,,

  • Schnitzel

    Firstly, I wish him well. But why turn to social media when in mid crisis? Da fuck?!

    • nick

      If it’s not on “social” media it didn’t happen, and how else do people find out about it, this generation doesn’t actually talk.

    • james brown

      clearly he has mental issues…..what makes sense to him may not make sense to you….that does not make the action stupid or wrong simply because it appears so to you.

  • Zealot

    OK. So I’m like boppin’ at work, doin’ my work pile o’stuff today, and then I see this. And I’m still boppin’ and solvin’ all kinda problems….then I start thinkin’ what the Fuck happened to my mutherfuckin’ “G’s”!

  • Maximus

    Suicidality, panic attacks, gay sex, bad choices, and hospitalization? You’ve just summed up my entire late-teens and early-20s. Oh, the nostalgia!

    I’m proud of Mickey for being so candid about his mental illness. Stigma is still a major issue, and the only way to ameliorate it is by being upfront and unapologetic about mental health.

    • McM.

      I understand the social need for destigmatization, but I often wonder when do we reach a point of distortion where behaviors those with mental health issues try to manage are normalized or even encouraged. Right now it’s best for Mickey Taylor to get off of social media to communicate with people who’ll give him actual perspective. Yes, he can use his platform to address stigma surrounding bipolar disorder, anxiety, alcoholism, etc., but not while in an echo chamber that can hinder far more than it can help.

      • james brown

        ummm…your trying to tell us something here…..but you rapped it in so much philosophical bullshit it over shot the run way…..

  • sxg
    The bipolarism and alcoholism certainly explains his bullshit stories about his claim of getting beat up at a club due to racism and not because he was a drunk cunt. Probably also explains his support for Cameron Diggs at first as well.

    Sounds like the best thing to do is for him to fuck off into obscurity since he’s got a lot going on with him and focus on taking care of himself instead of living a life in what little spotlight he actually has. And stop it with these hospital pics. You’re only adding to your problems.

  • John

    If by chance he reads this I would like to tell him the two most important things he must do is find the right bipolar medication ( it is easier to treat than depression) and once on his meds he must get clean and sober as the drugs amplify alcholol and pot and it is a very counter productive activity to the meds. I am lucky I take my meds, they work, and I never have highs or lows anymore. The suicidal thoughts should go away when properly medicated.

    • james brown

      god bless i am glad you found your balance….

  • WhimsyCotton

    Even though I’ve only seen two of his scenes, they are very memorable to me (though for different reasons). One was with that one Nazi guy and the other was an unforgettably enticing (and perhaps naughty) three way with Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox. I really hope he gets better – particularly with his alcoholism and depression.

  • Rod Iron

    Ach.. that’s heartbreaking to read actually. Glad he is recognizing the importance of good mental health and will hopefully get the help he needs. Godspeed and good luck young man.

  • Rob36

    Help…help (gasp gasp)…I can’t b…b..breathe…please help…Let me just take this selfie…gasp, please help…

    • Oh please. You make it sound like he’s a faker he didn’t even give a link to his Amazon wish list or his Patron account

      • Rob36

        He didn’t !?! I didn’t realise it was that serious. Amazon wish list aka begging.

  • YandyDandy

    LOL. I think the drink and drugs had more to do with it than a “slight heart problem”. Strangely enough drugs tend to have that affect on your heart. He is a mess and needs to sort his life out. He looked tragic at Manchester Pride.

    • Well I don’t know if I’m looking at that picture correctly his Muffin Top looks kind of cute

  • Drunky McDrunkerson

    countdown to gofundme!

    • Eric from Sweden

      Nah.. In the UK, just like here in Sweden, all hospital expenses and rehab, etc, is already paid for by taxes. You don’t have to pay a thing. But.. Still… A gofundme campaign could cover a trip to The Maldives, or something like that. And that he could be in need of.

      • james brown

        ummm….wtf r u smoking??????????????????????…..he and we are in the USA.

    • I’m with you baby. Countdown to a GoFundMe campaign with the world’s saddest story. The pictures are already taken and with the right Instagram filter they’ll give a tale of a thousand words.

    • james brown


  • biggerthebetter

    He’s a complete attention seeker. Loves to have himself in the limelight all the time. His porn career is dieing, his music career is a complete dud, so what better way to get himself back in the spotlight than to do something like this. Such a fucking fake. sorry I have zero sympathy for him.

    • james brown

      n the angels above have all sucked their teeth n rolled their eyes at you and your ugly comment.

  • gaysiantwink

    He walked by me at Manchester Pride. I was wondering why he looked familiar.

  • You never know

    Just please stop singing.

  • james brown

    if he suffers from mental illness he will never get off social media.

  • james brown

    the gastritis is causes by the enemas he uses to prep for the dick…..DUH!!!!…..use 2 be scared of the dick….now i put lips to the shit…handle it like a real bitch…