Performers Levi Hatter, Troye Jacobs, And More Speak Out About OnlyFans Model Jake Harding Being Charged With Rape

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While he’s not a household name to most gay porn viewers, OnlyFans model Jake Harding does have a reputation among fellow OnlyFans performers, and it’s not a good one. Earlier today, multiple gay porn stars took to Twitter to speak out against Harding for his mistreatment of them and other unnamed performers, and it was also revealed that Harding (as seen above in his booking photo) is facing rape charges in New Hampshire following a 2019 arrest.

It was performer Levi Hatter who first came forward, writing, “I’m tired of hiding it and seeing people suffer for it. Jake Harding is on trial for sexual harassment and assault. He is a terrible human being who has emotionally manipulated and harassed my friends. I’m glad to see his Twitter is gone, good riddance.”

Indeed, Harding pulled down his Twitter earlier today (likely because he knew other models would be coming forward), and he is in fact awaiting trial on rape and assault charges.

Per Nashua, New Hampshire police, Harding (legal name Blake Romano) was charged with rape and three counts of sexual assault following his arrest in September of 2019:

Harding’s case is still pending trial, and Levi Hatter has told Str8Up that Harding uses his OnlyFans earnings to pay for his attorneys. The initial arrest was covered in local New Hampshire media, and here’s one such report:

A teen has been arrested on rape charges after an incident on Labor Day, according to police. Officers received a report of a sexual assault Tuesday in which Blake Romano, 19, of Clement Street, was “identified as the suspect in the investigation,” said Det. Lt. Peter Urban of the department’s Special Investigations Division. Detectives furthered the investigation during the next 24 hours. “The victim reported Romano sexually assaulted him during an encounter in Nashua on Sept. 2,” Urban stated. “An arrest warrant was issued for Romano and he was subsequently taken into custody.” Romano was charged with a felony count of aggravated felonious sexual assault and three misdemeanor sexual assault charges. He was released on $10,000 personal recognizance bail.

After Hatter’s tweets earlier, several other performers joined him in condemning Harding, who has either attempted to hide the rape charges, or only told collaborators after meeting with them to film. As Garrett Kinsley explained, “Jake Harding did not tell me about his trial until we had met in person and he was staying in my house. If I had known prior, I would have not even considered collaborating.”

Carter DelRey also weighed in, tweeting a link to the local news report and shaming models who filmed with Harding:

Performer Troye Jacobs implored fans and other OnlyFans content creators to “stay aware” of people like Harding:

Finally, one performer who’s asked to remain anonymous wrote in to Str8Up with a more detailed explanation of how Harding arranges his collaborations with other OnlyFans models, and how he allegedly manipulates and harasses them in the process:

Jake Harding is extremely manipulative. At first, he would disclose the information of his rape charges to boys he collaborated with. However, when he realized that nothing stays a secret in the gay world, he stopped sharing that info with the boys. Jake tries to manipulate and date every single boy he has worked with. When I shut him down, he moved onto [redacted]. He would text/call him nonstop pressuring him to date, for the main reason as “couples do better on onlyfans.” Jake went as far as planning a trip to see [redacted] not even a month after their first meeting and buying him a bracelet to “propose” to him as his boyfriend. By the time the trip came, neither of us had interest in seeing Jake anymore, so he moved onto the next boy! See the pattern 😉 he has done this to us and [several others] to my knowledge. A friend of mine joined Twitter and Onlyfans shortly after his 18th birthday. This was in Jan 2021. Jake successfully ran him off the sites within 3 days. He made my friend feel incredibly weird, saying he (friend) should date him (Jake) to make me jealous. He tried to get my friend to quit school and his job to make content full time. He made my friend hate the industry 3 days into it. Along with dating them, Jake tries to get every single model to relocate somewhere with him. He is so desperate for someone to control nonstop. Purely for financial reasons. The fact that he isn’t disclosing his charges to boys in the sex industry is disgusting. The industry needs to be be aware of Jake’s past and present behavior.

Harding almost always has his face partially covered (either with a face mask or a cell phone) in photos online, and he was included in a Thirst Trap Recap article back in April (Str8Up had no knowledge of Harding’s arrest when the article was published):

Continuing that trend, Harding actually wore a face mask in a massive Christmas orgy scene at ColbyKnox (the one and only studio scene he’s filmed) last year, and at the time, I wondered if he might’ve been wearing it due to COVID-19 concerns. Now, it seems reasonable to assume that he didn’t want people matching him up with his New Hampshire mug shot?

As of post time, Jake Harding’s Twitter was account was still offline. This is a developing story.


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