Pfizer CEO Infected With COVID For The Second Time In Less Than Two Months!

Posted September 24, 2022 by with 2 comments

First he got it back in August, and now the Pfizer CEO has it again, despite being quadruple vaccinated.

Via Reuters:

Pfizer Inc. Chief Executive Officer Albert Bourla said on Saturday he had tested positive for COVID-19.

“I’m feeling well and symptom free,” Bourla said in a statement.

Now that the pandemic is “over” per our dinosaur President Biden, I guess becoming reinfected with a deadly and highly transmissible virus (which has unknown long-term debilitating effects) once per month is the new normal. Can anyone think of any other virus that infects people over and over again, month after month after month?

That’s good he has no symptoms, but it’s absolutely insane that all mitigation factors (mask mandates, testing requirements, isolation time, etc.) have been dropped. People who are vulnerable or have preexisting conditions (for whom the vaccines don’t work) are completely unprotected because this country has decided to “let it rip” and let them die.