Pierce Paris Tells Fans That He’s “Not An Escort” Because He’s Not “Desperate For Money”

Posted November 19, 2018 by with 46 comments

main-1-860x550_cGay porn star Pierce Paris took to Twitter today to remind fans that while he is a gay porn star who has sex on film, he doesn’t do it because he’s “desperate for money.” And because he’s not “desperate for money,” he says he has no reason to be an escort:


The way that’s worded, it sounds like Pierce Paris sees escorts as “desperate for money,” and therefore somehow inferior to porn stars who don’t escort? That’s of course not true, as an escort is no more desperate for money than a porn star, a fireman, a cop, a stripper, a teacher, a garbage man, a blogger, or anyone working at any job who has to put food on their table and a roof over their head. Hopefully he just phrased it the wrong way, and he doesn’t think of himself as better than someone else simply because of the work he does or doesn’t do.

There was pushback on Pierce Paris’ tweet, both from fans and from fellow sex worker Sean Zevran:

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