“Planet Of The Apes”: Joe Rogan Uses N-Word Over 20 Times On Spotify Show

Posted February 5, 2022 by with 5 comments

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse. (Actually, he’s such an asshole, no one can really be surprised that this is getting worse.) First it was deadly COVID misinformation and anti-vax nonsense, and now there are unearthed clips of Joe Rogan using the N-word more than 20 times on his Spotify show. As if that weren’t bad enough, here’s a clip of Rogan comparing a black neighborhood to “Planet Of The Apes”:

Barack Obama and others with Spotify shows are removing (or threatening to remove) their content left and right, including singer India Arie today. The only thing more nauseating than listening to Rogan is seeing the clowns and ghouls now coming out of the woodwork trying to defend his right to “free speech.” Spare me. Here’s the N-word compilation clip: