Pope Accused Of Using Homophobic Slur During Closed-Door Meeting: ‘Too Much Faggotry In Seminaries’

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Well, he’s not exactly wrong. Of course, most of the faggots in his churches and seminaries are rapists and pedophiles, and all the Popes, Bishops, Cardinals, etc. have been covering up for them for hundreds of years, because the Catholic Church is the largest and most evil organized crime ring in the history of the world. Via CNN:

Pope Francis allegedly told Italian bishops to not permit gay men to train for the priesthood, with two Italian newspapers claiming that the 87-year-old pontiff made a homophobic slur in a closed-door meeting last week.

The newspaper articles, which were translated from Italian, claimed the Pope had said there is “frociaggine” – which translates in English to “faggotry” – in some of the seminaries.


Here’s a more specific and detailed translation from Adnkronos, via DailyMail:

Italian news agency Adnkronos, citing sources, reported that the Pope said in the speech: ‘Look: there is already an air of f*****ry around that is not good. There is today’s culture of homosexuality with respect to those who have a homosexual orientation [who] are better off not being accepted [into the seminary].’

The remark was met with ‘incredulous laughter’, bishops told newspaper Corriere della Sera. Some suggested that it was an honest mistake by the Pope, for whom Italian is a second language, and that he ‘did not know’ how offensive the word was.

OK, so maybe it was an honest mistake. Ironically, the only people I’ve ever heard using the word “faggotry” are gays. The word itself sounds gay as hell when you say it, and straight people who are bigots just say “faggot.” Faggotry is kind of fancy and girly, so who knows. Maybe the Pope is a closeted gay? This obviously would not be shocking. After all, he’s never been married to a woman, and he’s a single man who parades around in a white gown all day long.

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