Pornhub, Sean Cody, And Men Blocked In North Carolina And Montana As Age Verification Laws Take Effect

Posted January 3, 2024 by with 7 comments


[gif of Brooks via Sean Cody]

Age verification laws to view pornography websites went into effect on January 1st in multiple states, and while some porn companies are asking users in these states to verify their ages by uploading their driver’s licenses and/or using third-party providers to authenticate them, Pornhub (via its parent company Aylo, which also owns Sean Cody, Men, Brazzers, and more) says this will put users’ privacy at risk, so they’ve simply blocked people from visiting their sites in two states with new laws: Montana and North Carolina. Via 404 Media:

Rather than try to make its users jump through hoops to view its content, Pornhub’s parent company has blocked viewers in Montana and North Carolina altogether, as it has in other states with similar legislation. Anyone in those states visiting an Aylo site, which includes Pornhub, Redtube, Brazzers, YouPorn, and more, is now met with a video and text message from the network delivered by performer Cherie DeVille, explaining that the site is blocked from view in their state.

[404 Media]

If any of you are in Montana or North Carolina, what happens for you when you try and go to Sean Cody and Feel free to leave a comment with a screenshot of what those sites’ pages look like if you try to join.