Prepare For Padam Padam Mania

Posted May 23, 2023 by with 7 comments

Prepare to be hearing this every second of every day, all summer long. Even when it’s not playing, you’ll hear it in your head. Thankfully, the song is great, so no complaints here. Well, my only complaint is that the song is only 2:45. I hate this new trend of songs being barely two and a half minutes. “Padam Padam” has no bridge, which would’ve added at least another 30 seconds. Or, she could’ve given us another verse, or extended the final chorus. “Padam Padam” could easily be 4 minutes.

Kylie Minogue has of course always been great, but she hasn’t had anything this infectious since “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” from 2001’s “Fever.” And who could forget 2010’s “Get Outta My Way,” which inspired the now infamous Randy Blue video down below:

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