Pride Month Is Now A War Between Brands And Far Right Bigots

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A good summary of the ongoing war against gays—which I believe, sadly, will lead to someone being injured or killed during Pride month—is here from Semafor, and here’s an excerpt:

Energized by a boycott of Bud Light — and before that, by Ron DeSantis’s parental rights battle with Disney — social conservatives see this year’s Pride Month as an opportunity to make corporations pay for LGBTQ-friendly marketing, especially for products enjoyed by children.

The goal is reversing a decade-long, market-chasing trend toward more LGBTQ visibility, and to “make that rainbow flag absolutely toxic,” as Daily Wire podcast host Michael Knowles told listeners last week. In the political arena, DeSantis has contrasted his approach to fighting “woke corporations” to Donald Trump’s, elevating the issue in the GOP primary.

The boycott push is as straightforward as culture war gets. Pride month grew out of the 1969 Stonewall riots, and began as the Christopher Street Liberation Day Parade one year later — a public demonstration that gay people were part of society, like it or not. The backlash is largely about making LGBTQ people, particularly trans people, less visible.

“What we did with Bud Light and Target comes right from Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals,” Daily Wire host Matt Walsh told listeners before the holiday weekend, citing the left-wing organizer’s advice to pick a target, freeze it, and personalize it. “Every pride flag that a company takes down, or hides in the back of their store in shame, is a victory.”

There have been many targets, and overlapping grievances. The drag-dressing Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence were accused of mocking Catholicism; Hershey’s “HerShe” campaign, in Canada, featured a transgender woman; Kohl’s was selling baby onesies with LGBTQ-positive messaging. The campaign against Target started when Walsh discussed “tuck-friendly” swimsuits being sold by the brand to transgender customers in “sizes for kids or for very, very, very small adults.”


Money-hungry corporations looking to capitalize on the growing acceptance of gays with corny rainbow merch are partly to blame for the rise in anti-gay hate. Increased visibility and inclusiveness drives the bigots even more crazy than they already were. Social media is hugely to blame, too, as it’s given bigots new ways to organize and spread their hatred more efficiently than they did 20 years ago. And to think, 20 years ago, most brands wouldn’t come near us.

Soulless corporations like Target—who recently said they’d be removing LGBT merchandise from stores after customers complained—will never be able to compete with far right lunatics. For example, here below is the #1 song on iTunes for the last four days, a MAGA anthem full of hate speech and anti-LGBT bigotry called “Boycott Target.” Lyrics include the following: “This agenda gotta stop…LGBTQ went too far, they cuttin’ these kids, they leavin’ trannies with scars, why they pushin agenda promotin’ sexual genders…you think that gay shit gonna get you paid?…it’s Mar-a-Lago 2024, we Trumpin’ baby!”

I’m laughing because this is objectively awful in every way possible, but at the same time, I’m physically ill just looking at these brain dead ghouls:

Note that the white supremacist behind this “song” previously had a profanity-laced music video in which he murdered a woman and dumped her body in a lake, which you can see below. “Protecting” children from rainbow clothing and then murdering his “fucking bitch” girlfriend…all in a day’s work for the typical MAGA scum.

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