Prison Supervisor Arrested For Letting Male Inmate Fuck Her Three Times Per Week

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The dick must’ve been so damn good, because she simply couldn’t resist. Via JournalTimes:

A Racine Correctional Institution supervisor was arrested for allegedly having sex with an inmate dozens of times in her office.

The supervisor was identified as Jacqueline M. Heidt, a 37-year-old woman of Racine County, RCSO said in a news release. The inmate was not publicly identified.

Investigators met with the Department of Corrections Internal Affairs and learned that Heidt was also accused of providing the inmate with a seized cellphone. The contents of the cellphone included pictures and messages that supported the allegations, RCSO said.

Investigators said they interviewed the inmate who stated he began a sexual relationship with Heidt in April and that their last encounter was Aug. 4, and that they would have sex approximately 3-4 times per week.


Bail was set at over $1,000,000, and Heidt is being held in county jail awaiting trial on 20 charges of sexual assault by correctional staff and 20 charges of misconduct in public office. Maybe if she’s lucky, she can find a prison guard to fuck her.