AHF Releases Prop. 60 Ad Filmed Inside Chi Chi LaRue’s Store!

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Director Chi Chi LaRue has been one of the most vocal and prominent opponents of Proposition 60, the California ballot measure that seeks to make condoms mandatory in all adult films produced within the state.


Prop. 60, which was written and is being 100% funded by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) and its anti-porn zealot Michael Weinstein, is in fact opposed by virtually every single member of the adult industry. So, why in the world did Chi Chi LaRue let AHF film a pro-condom PSA (which is a pro-Prop. 60 ad in disguise) in her West Hollywood retail store, “Chi Chi LaRue’s”?

Here’s AHF’s pro-condom and pro-Prop. 60 ad (which can also be seen as anti-PrEP), which prominently features Chi Chi LaRue’s name and was filmed almost entirely inside the legendary director’s retail store on Santa Monica Boulevard. AHF’s smart use of popular drag queens, go-go boys, and inexplicably never-ending nostalgia for The Golden Girls will likely make this pro-condom clip go viral—with less than three weeks until election day:

The video was produced by Impulse Group, an AHF affiliate that describes itself as “a volunteer group of active gay men in collaboration with AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) whose purpose is to promote healthier lifestyles using modern social approaches.” Founded and funded by AHF, the group hosted an anti-PrEP panel in West Hollywood in 2013, which was attended by Weinstein himself.


The fact that AHF was allowed to produce a video that essentially advertises their pro-condom and anti-porn industry ballot measure with the help (however unintentional) of one of the porn industry’s most recognizable names is nothing short of insane, and it’s another example of just how unorganized and unprepared the “No On Prop. 60” campaign is.

Str8UpGayPorn has reached out to Chi Chi LaRue for comment. Presumably, he was not aware that the sponsor of the ballot measure he opposes was filming a campaign advertisement inside his property.


  • Maximus

    Did we watch the same video? I didn’t see anything about Prop. 60. Furthermore, the point made about PrEP was simply that it doesn’t protect against any STIs other than HIV, and therefore, that it shouldn’t be used as a substitute for condoms. The video didn’t go so far as to argue that PrEP shouldn’t be used at all.


    • FooFight

      Prop 60 wasn’t mentioned at all. It’s an ad promoting personal condom use, even for those on PrEp. I suppose you could stretch it and says this is a subliminal Yes on 60 ad, but I really don’t think people are going to make that connection.

      • Zachary Sire

        Of course Prop 60 wasn’t mentioned. That’s the point. I don’t know if you people read my posts (maybe you only read each other’s comments), so I’ll say it again: This video was made by the sponsor of Prop 60, and it was filmed on the property of someone who opposes Prop 60.

        • FooFight

          Yes, I do read your posts. Do you read mine? Nowhere in the video is it evident that the video is sponsored by the Pro 60 folks. Thus, I don’t think people watching it will make the connection.

          • Xzamilloh

            The fact that the connection is not evident isn’t the relevant part here…. why would Chi Chi Larue let them film in her shop? That would be like the National Organization for Marriage holding a conference at the Cybersocket Awards. You couldn’t find two groups more diametrically opposed.

          • Maximus

            But that’s not much of a scandal either. A video, which has nothing to do with Prop. 60, was produced by an affiliate of AHF, which happens to be in favor of Prop. 60. Even if the video were written and directed by Weinstein himself, why would it be unreasonable for Chi Chi to allow him to use her store for a PSA regarding a topic on which they do agree? Are people who disgree on one particular issue suddenly not allowed to agree on anything?

          • Xzamilloh

            Yes. Where have you been?? If you don’t agree on one thing, you can’t agree on anything else. I mean, I thought that was just obvious. In fact, I think I’m going to sue you for emotional distress, the way you came for me just now!!!

          • Maximus
          • edginghours

            I don’t think they’re “diametrically opposed.”

            AHF promotes condom use. Chi Chi promotes condom use.
            AHF wants Prop 60 passed. Chi Chi’s against Prop 60.

            They disagree on the particulars of one law but agree on promoting condom use otherwise. What they say about PrEP in the video is also boilerplate what you hear from your doctor when they’re prescribing it. And I agree that nothing about the video seems to mention or even reference Prop 60.

          • Xzamilloh
  • Emmanuell Masso
  • McM.

    Was the PSA filmed prior to the affiliate organization sponsoring Prop 60?

    On a personal note:
    That first picture of Michael Weinstein makes him look like a BTVS Gentleman.


  • Zealot

    I don’t film porn, nor do I live in California. So if these turds want to exploit the bodies of men and women willing to fuck themselves into a body-rot mangle of various and sundry STIs, so be it. I think there have been many very good posts on this blog from people like myself who wonder where the sense in fighting condom use in porn lies. I have yet to hear any answer that makes sense at all. This stinks of people (much like climate change deniers) who actively ignore facts about their own sexual health and that of members of our community, when SCIENCE tells us differently. And Chi Chi’s comment about shooting “condom porn only” but “I still say no on 60. Harassment is not a California Value”….how is this legislation harassment? How is it different from states who require people to wear seat belts, motorcycle helmets, drive a certain speed limit or insure their autos? Are those all harassment too? There are plenty of precedents for laws that were enacted to protect people when their idiotic human natures try and persuade them to do otherwise. In fact, I’m not sure how condom usage threatens to bring down this industry. [heavy sigh, eye roll]….


    • McM.

      Seat belts, helmets, and speed limits etc. are enforced by the state.

      I believe people consider Prop. 60 as harassment b/c it allows individual CA citizens to sue a producer or performer for not using condoms.

      • Zealot

        I may not agree with the provision in this legislation that just anyone is able to sue over non-condom usage. That sounds like a function of the Attorney General and I doubt if the legislation is viable given that not every Tom, Dick and Harry would have actual standing to sue– even if the legislation gives it. My guess is that it wouldn’t pass even one State Supreme Court test.

        And it appears heterosexual men need to experience a paradigm shift in their porn tastes. They’ve had it their way too long, and as HIV and STIs do not have the genetic ability to distinguish between gay and straight, everyone is just as much at risk of contraction. And just as with gay porn in the 80’s, when condom porn is all you have, you learn to love it. Porn being good has NOTHING to do with condoms. And I would need to hear a logical, reasonable, scientific argument to the contrary before I’d even consider changing my mind on that.

        • Andrew Simpson

          But straight men RARELY get HIV this is a fact according to the CDC. Gay men are the most likely to get HIV then straight women and after that drug users who do not use clean needles. But straight men those guys are the lowest. It is extremely hard for a heterosexual man to get HIV unless of course the guy is doing tons of prostitutes or he is doing drugs not using clean needles. BUT a straight man who only has sex with women and is not an IV drug user tough for him to get HIV. I think straight men account for only 4 or 5 percent of all HIV cases.

          • Will Smalls

            NOPE JUST WRONG, FIRST OFF CDC can only report o known cases ,plenty straight men in us and asia europe and africa contracted hiv/ aids and died believing your sexual pref and not behavior is what leads to sti is very silly, did you ever think that such belief might originate with men who dont get tested.

    • Zachary Sire

      If it weren’t for the lawsuit aspect (and if it weren’t being funded by such a creep), I might be inclined to support the proposition. But, giving anyone the right to sue, for example, a married couple who perform (without condoms) in webcam shows broadcast from their own home is insane.

      • Zealot

        I agree with you, and I spoke from a position of ignorance not realizing that was part of the legislation. As I commented, it seems like that makes it bad legislation and probably headed for a defeat in the California Supreme Court.

    • Wearing a seat belt is not an intimate experience with another person like having sex is, even if you’re doing it for money and filming it as porn.

      • Zealot

        Tell that to my mom who was hit by a driver who had no insurance and before seat belts were mandatory. The seat belts would have saved her left foot and her hearing and insurance on the driver at fault would have helped pay hospital and recuperation bills, which nearly bankrupt our family business. She is totally deaf and has been since 1952. She has never heard one of her children speak a word. Make a sound. Heard them cry. That’s pretty intimate I’d say. Letting our dicks think for us has caused more than its fair share of damage and death and I for one am tired of it. If people can’t make good decisions based on scientific evidence regarding condoms, then to Hell with ’em.

  • sanfv

    I used my future vision and will leak to you all, in the manner that I leaked Joanne,that prop 60 passes.

    Sorry TIM, you will be missed( I think?)


  • Dale Bergman
  • Andrew Simpson

    I never understood the reason why some gay men do drag just makes it look worst for the rest of us. I can see both sides of the argument BUT I do believe there needs to be tougher rules for the porn industry. Some of these studios do not care about their models. People seem to forget a guy from Next Door Studios Rod Daily is HIV positive. Mr. Marcus a straight model got syphilis. People just want the porn but I think models who do bareback should be FORCED to use PREP. I think a law should be created if a male model does bareback porn he MUST use prep if he is going bareback. These models really need to think about their future and protect themselves.

    • Guy’s do drag for many reasons but you don’t speak for the whole gay community when you say “just makes it look worst for the rest of us”. Many drag performers raise tons of money for gay related charities and other causes so they must not be so bad if people are tipping them.

  • Bea Arthur must be rolling over in her grave. Just because they use popular drag queens and stuff does not make the AFH right or Prop 60 worth voting yes on.

  • Marik Ishtar

    This may have been filmed a long time ago before the opposition to prop. 60 ramped up.
    As for the video itself, I don’t see anti-anything. Most likely Chi Chi felt that the message was about WHAT they were saying and not WHO is saying it. Or it was filmed a year ago like I said above.

    Most of all, I think people need to stop believing that critiquing means ‘I’m against it’. There are valid points to be made about the introduction of prep into the gay community.

  • Hereweare

    This is hardly this organizations biggest scandal. In FL, they were accused of age discrimination. Instead of having a mature dialog, the co-founder of the local chapter publicly argued via Facebook a-la-Trump style with anyone who disagreed with his policies. He later died of an apparent meth related suicide.



  • JohnJacobJingle

    One of the guys in that drag video did prison time for selling meth and coke to most of WeHo.

    How. Charming.

    • Zachary Sire

      Seth Apper, yes. The one with the curly brown hair.

      • JohnJacobJingle

        And it appears that time and age have not treated him well… All those decently pretty WeHo boys and then him. Yeesh.