Pro-Israeli Mob Terrorizes Palestinian Supporters With Violent Attack At UCLA

Posted May 1, 2024 by with 1 comment

For the last month at college campuses nationwide, supporters of Palestine have been speaking out against Israel’s barbaric genocide in Gaza, which has seen the murder of at least 34,000 innocent Palestinians, many of whom have been women and children. Last night, a violent pro-Israeli mob launched an attack at one of the college protests taking place at UCLA, and the report below is from the CBC in Canada:

It’s hard to find fair reports from any of the mainstream news outlets in America who seek to vilify peaceful pro-Palestinian protesters as “antisemitic.” In fact, it’s a deliberate strategy to conflate speaking out against Israel’s genocide in Gaza as antisemitic in this truly deranged country. There are some good videos below from independent journalists on Twitter, showing how the Zionist mob incited the violence last night:

UCLA’s student newspaper The Daily Bruin has been doing solid reporting on the protests, but now the school has reportedly taken the paper’s website offline due to an article documenting the violent attack from the pro-Israeli thugs. Very dark, very insane times:


The Daily Bruin clarified that their site is “independently managed”:

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