Protestor Throws Beer Can At Ted Cruz During World Series Parade

Posted November 7, 2022 by with 4 comments

A beer can being thrown like this could obviously cause serious injury, so as horrific as Ted Cruz is, no one can support a violent act like this. The much-deserved boos are of course great. Video from a parade today for some sports thing in Texas:

Is it me, or is it strange that the security guy can see and is pointing at the protester before the can is even thrown?


Best security detail ever?

Upon rewatching the video, I think you can hear an additional can (or some other object) being thrown into the truck before the can that’s visible in the video, and you can see a security guy behind Cruz reacting. So, the other security guy is probably pointing at someone after they had already thrown something.

TMZ says the attacker was arrested, and cops say the can hit Cruz’s “chest/neck area,” which actually isn’t true, based on what we can see in the video. In this slowed down gif below, you can see the can barely bounces off Cruz’s forearm, and it doesn’t make contact with his neck or chest at all:


More of the boos for the always disgusting Ted Cruz at the parade today: