Psycho Grifter Alex Jones Ordered To Pay Sandy Hook Family $50 Million In Defamation Case

Posted August 5, 2022 by with 3 comments

After being found liable in the defamation case last year, a Texas jury came back this week with punitive and compensatory damages that Alex Jones will have to pay to one of the families he defamed (there are still two other Sandy Hook families with pending suits against Jones) when he lied about their murdered 6-year-old child. Via CNN:

A Texas jury has decided to penalize Alex Jones with $45.2 million in punitive damages in a lawsuit filed by the parents of Sandy Hook shooting victim Jesse Lewis.

Plaintiffs Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis were awarded a total of just under $50 million in both compensatory and punitive damages. Of the total $49.3 million, the $45.2 million in punitive damages may be reduced due to Texas statute.

Jones—a bloated grifter who’s become a millionaire by selling nutritional supplements to gullible viewers of his online talk show, where he peddles lies and conspiracy theories about the United States government and major news events—won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, unfortunately, as it’s estimated that his company brings in well over $100 million every year. Spreading lies and psychotic bullshit to brain dead Americans has always been a successful business model in this country. Just look at all the MAGA politicians in the upcoming midterm elections, not to mention Trump/DeSantis 2024.