Purported Fox News Segment On “Gay Hypnosis” Is A Hoax

Posted August 29, 2022 by with 0 comments

Given the complete trash and bigoted fear-mongering the right-wing “news” network (and Tucker Carlson’s show in particular) regularly airs, it wouldn’t be surprising to see something like this on Fox. But, the image above that went viral on social media is in fact a hoax, via USA Today:

A tweet shared in an Aug. 21 Facebook post shows a supposed segment on Carlson’s prime-time show. The news chyron in the tweet reads, “Straight men turning homo after ‘gay hypnosis.'”

“What the hell is going on,” reads the tweet’s caption.

The Facebook post garnered more than 2,600 shares within its first four days. The original Aug. 20 tweet garnered more than 109,200 likes in its first five days. Similar viral iterations have been shared on Facebook and Twitter.

But Fox News never aired the segment. A Fox News spokesperson said the image is a hoax.

USA TODAY reached out to user who shared the post on Twitter, and they said they photoshopped the image.