QAnon Bimbo Marjorie “MAGA” Taylor Greene Says Nancy Pelosi Is Spying On Her With Cold Spanish Soup

Posted February 9, 2022 by with 4 comments

When it comes to people who are this dumb, you can always see it in their face. There’s this empty, beady-eyed nothingness. Look into the brain dead bimbo’s eyes. There’s literally nothing there. She can’t speak, can’t think, and can’t even be bothered to run her soundbites by staffers to make sure there aren’t any mistakes (not that people working for her are any less slow than her and would’ve caught this).

Here’s Marjorie Taylor Greene on One America News (of course) today attacking Democratic lawmakers with another reference to Nazi Germany (her go-to comparison every single time—she’s obsessed with wanting to live in Nazi Germany!), but completely flubbing the false metaphor by calling the gestapo “gazpacho”: