QAnon Followers Gather In Dallas For Arrival Of JFK Jr., Who Died In 1999

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More than obesity, drug addiction, cancer, and heart disease, I would argue that undiagnosed mental illnesses are the greatest threat to Americans’ health. Via Mediaite:

Remember QAnon? Well, apparently there are still people who believe these conspiracies, one of which involves John F. Kennedy Jr. Your first reaction to that is probably “Didn’t JFK Jr. die years ago?” He did. The son of the late U.S. president tragically died in a plane crash in 1999. There’s been some minor chatter about this nonsense over the past few years, but on Tuesday people actually showed up in Dallas expecting to see JFK Jr.’s return, along with an announcement he’s running with Trump in 2024 or something. Reporter Steven Monacelli has been in Dallas since Monday night chronicling this bizarre gathering.

[Mediaite: QAnon Followers Gather In Dallas For The Arrival Of JFK Jr., Who Died In 1999]

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