Quote Of The Day: “My Thoughts? Hopefully They’ll All Die From An Overdose Before They Have A Chance To Infect Anyone.”—Zach Sire, Str8UpGayPorn

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It feels strange to quote myself, but we’re living in strange times!

Yesterday, several people on Twitter were commenting on the group of gays who broke quarantine in New York (where the coronavirus has killed more than 25,000 people in two months) to hold a house party, and videos of the party were shared on Instagram by the partygoers themselves, as seen below and in various news articles.

Given the circuit party ambience seen in the party videos, many Twitter users nicknamed the house party “Meth Gala” (an homage to the canceled Met Gala this week), but in addition to meth, people at the party were also doing ecstasy, according to a comment below from the party’s DJ, Alec Brian, who said he was “still rolling”:

A few people tweeted to @Str8UpGayPorn and suggested I cover the story, but I was reluctant to give the idiots at the house party any more attention, which is what I think they wanted (why else post videos of yourself brazenly violating the stay-at-home order?).

So, instead of covering this group of people who were willfully and brazenly endangering thousands of people’s lives, I posted the below subtweet, which reads: “My thoughts? Hopefully they’ll all die from an overdose before they have a chance to infect anyone.”

Some on Twitter took issue with my tweet for being “too harsh” (me? harsh?) and being insensitive to people who die of drug overdoses, so let me be very clear: I do not hope for anyone who is suffering from drug addiction to die, and my heart goes out to anyone who is recovering from addiction or who has lost anyone to addiction. My tweet is about the specific people violating quarantine at the house party, and it is obviously not about everyday people suffering from drug addiction.

As far as the people at the party breaking quarantine and willfully endangering other people’s lives? Let me once again be very clear: If they were about to infect and kill someone else (as a direct result of becoming infected themselves after violating quarantine at the Meth Gala), I would definitely hope that they would die before having a chance to kill anyone else, given their selfish, reckless, and deadly behavior. This is a hypothetical situation, of course, but if forced to make a choice between who lives and who dies, the answer is morally and intellectually crystal clear to me. Most people agree:

Despite this being a simple issue (and probably the most uncontroversial thing I’ve ever tweeted), a few people tried to say I was “wishing” for people to drop dead and completely twisting (if not completely ignoring) the context of my hypothetical dilemma. The first to lose his mind was Chi Chi LaRue’s personal assistant, Nick Fitt, who falsely claimed that I was wishing for porn stars to die who attended a party “two months ago” (he’s since deleted his original tweet, since he must’ve realized he had no idea what he was talking about):

Next up? The one and only Collin Simpson, who said my statement took things “too far!”:

I tried to reason with Collin:

Last but not least, retired performer Diesel Washington opined that many in the industry who are drug addicts may have taken my tweet personally:

In my reply below, I reminded Diesel that the tweet was not about anyone in the industry (even though a few industry people have used my tweet as a means to pathetically garner attention for themselves and manipulate their “fans” by recording videos that falsely claim Str8UpGayPorn is wishing for them to die of drug overdoses), and was obviously about the idiots at the house party:

And finally, I told Diesel that using “drug overdose” as a cause of death in my tweet was due solely to the fact that the idiots at the house party were literally bragging about doing drugs in the house party videos. If they had been breaking quarantine at a pool party, I would’ve hoped that they could die by drowning: Stay safe and stay home, everyone.

(And if you’re suffering from drug addiction or mental health issues, contact the Substance Abuse And Mental Health Services National Help Line.)

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