RIP: Larry H. Parker Dead At 75

Posted March 15, 2024 by with 1 comment

Larry H. Parker (I just realized his clients didn’t always use the “H,” as seen in the infamous TV commercial above) was the most famous and well-known personal injury lawyer of all time. Well, at least in southern California. Sadly, he’s died at the age of 75. News on his passing via Deadline:

Larry H. Parker, a personal injury attorney whose aggressive motto of “We’ll fight for you!” was a staple of TV, radio, billboards, and bus benches in Southern California for decades, has died at 75.

Details on when, where and the cause of his death have not been released by his firm and family, who have both confirmed that he died.

Although Parker’s name was branded by his firm, it was part of a larger legal conglomerate that includes several law firms.

Another more recent commercial, with an update from the iconic Cedric, who was awarded $2.1 million following his accident:

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