Gay Porn Star Rafael Alencar: I Fucked Patrick Swayze And I Fingered My Father

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rfelaWell, other than what the title of this post reveals, I think it’s best if I just let this one speak for itself?

Here’s director Marc MacNamara doing a very interesting bathtub interview with legendary gay porn star Rafael Alencar. It’s a long clip, but it’s intriguing throughout and moves quickly, so don’t fast forward, or you might miss something good. For example, at around the 7-minute mark, Alencar tells MacNamara that he’s fucked Patrick Swayze (and several other celebrities). That’s all I better type, as I don’t want to be sued for libel by Patrick Swayze’s ghost. Oh, also, a little before the 13-minute mark, Alencar admits that he’s fingered his own father. Move over FamilyDick.

  • Jace

    Does he talk about his butt implants?

  • FrenchBug

    Just like the Reagan era turned out the time of the me, me, me individualistic hedonistic money-making asshole, the Trump era is really turning out to be the era of the heinous sick fuck trolls.
    I don’t care what is true or not. This loathsome attention-seeking is not funny, it is not interesting, it certainly isn’t sexy.
    I am so over this kind of BS from everyone.

    • PaulieP

      he was being interviewed… he was not looking for attention… you sound bitter over something….

      • a b

        You actually believe he fingered his own father?

    • peter

      Actually, the post-hippie 70s were called the ‘me’ decade. The phrase was coined by the late Tom Wolfe. I read it in his obituary yesterday. Wolfe anticipated the current backlash against baby-boomers, who are now being called ‘the most selfish generation’.

  • dabc8177

    Nobody cares! Go away as soon as possible and take your expired useless ass implants with you!

  • YandyDandy

    Later……. on shit that never happened, just doing it for attention…. we chat to…….

  • sxg

    All that time and money spent on his fake bloated uneven ass and that horsehair weave to hide his balding, and he couldn’t even do anything about that face. Thanos would like his chins back Rafael!

    Marc, you may be one of, if not the only director that can make Men scenes tolerable, but when it comes to choosing people you want to interview:

    And Zach if the ghost of Chelsea and the rest of your dead interns haven’t come back from beyond the grave to sue you for not disclosing how hazardous it is to work with you, then I’m pretty sure the ghost of Patrick Swayze isn’t worried about you reporting about this alleged fucking he received. If it did happen, he’d be too embarrassed to admit to it.

  • gaysiantwink

    i 100% believe everything he’s saying, no sarcasm.

  • Reality Check

    I don’t get the vitriol directed at Alencar. Who really cares whether or not he had butt implants. I’ve met him. He’s a nice guy. Super friendly and super sexy. And his calling card isn’t his butt.

  • Reality Check

    Oh, and Marc is fucking hot!

    • peter

      Yeah! Did he ever do porn? Even for Duckface?

      • McM.

        He was a director at LucasEnt.

        • peter

          Are there any pictures of him in his birthday suit out there? Or maybe a home movie?

  • Scrapple
  • PaulieP

    so many nasty comments about Rafael.. why the hate…? he happens to legit be my neighbor and couldn’t be any nicer. the butt implants may be there but it is a great butt and to the guy that commented, it is even. his cock is gigantic. he has a personality. he was being interviewed so not sure how he was seeking attention. he doesn’t need the attention. he has had a 15 year film career and travels the world performing. has an awesome apartment and is genuinely a nice guy.. i’d say some posters may be jealous…..

    • Miloš Del Rey

      Trust me no one is jealous.

      • Scrapple

        I like how his “awesome apartment” is proof people should like him.

        • wincrasher

          or his ass or fake chest, horse-cock or fake hair. His time is up and days at whoring are probably about over. Good luck making a living from 40 to death.

        • PaulieP

          i never said you should like him because ehe has an awesome apartment… i simply said, has an awesome apartment. translation he has done well for himself using what the good lord gave him. we should all be able to retire at his age.

          • Scrapple

            That had no relevance to the conversation at hand, so you mentioning it was strange.

    • dabc8177

      He’s annoying and boring, he’s ugly, his butt is ugly (even uglier with these fake ‘plants), and he doesn’t use it anyway… If I wanted to watch old ugly men only topping, i’d watch str8 porn, and even they have some standards.

    • Hereweare

      Please tell him I think he’s cute. Even without the giant moneymaker.


      Perhaps the reason why he won’t bottom is because the implants probably will burst !!!!

  • Xzamilloh

    Eh it was a decent enough interview. Rafael’s movements were distracting, though… maybe he’s just a fidgety person. Also, Diego Sans? I see you, girl… I’d save my hole for that too.

    • Man in the Midst

      Yeah, the fidgeting and constantly touching himself was strange. Relax dude, you’re in a bubble bath.

  • doodlebug

    Always thought discretion was the cornerstone of the successful escort. Big money clients might think twice if you start naming names.

  • Slippy_World
  • Hereweare
  • B.C.

    Interesting fellow, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I like his porn, mostly his LE scenes. Now if the sequel was Rafa fucking Marc and Diego in that bathtub…Yeah, I’m gone.

  • Trepakprince

    I’m having a hard time believing the whole Patrick Swayze angle but I’ve fingered my father. Of course he had an impacted stool and was dying of cancer but I understand.

  • peter

    Has about as much credibility as rent-boy-to-the-stars Scotty Bower’s ‘memoirs’.

  • David1983

    Wow Marc Mcnamara’s sex life is as boring as his directing skills…. Too bad Rafael is retiring, that dick is beautiful.

  • Kanaka

    McNamara should do prn even if its just bottoming for Diego.

  • Kevin Jones

    That…was interesting to say the least.

    I have always found RA fascinating to watch but at the same time there is just something …off about him to me. I can’t explain it.

  • Marcus Collack

    Well… he had sex with an entire family once, so who knows. I don’t put anything past anybody anymore.

  • Estelle

    Those pec implants probably need to be changed out/replaced as well they are starting to show their age.

  • Donald Horn

    Does he talk about fucking Ms. Rapid?

  • Estelle

    Also Marc said part of Diego sans real name in that interview

  • Hari Kalyan

    Is this different than the interview he gave when he “retired” few years ago, where he stated (among other things): his butt is real, he once “broke” his dick, he’s escorted for gay and str8 people, he’s half jewish, he fucked John Travolta. Did I miss anything?

    • doodlebug

      Yeah, wasn’t there also some creepy story of him working his way through a house fucking a whole family; mom, dad and the ADULT children.

  • meduel

    he fucked patrick swayze??? maybe patrick was…?

  • jpinphx

    Why can’t people just be decent human beings? Was it necessary to say that about Patrick Swayzy? let the man RIP! Gross.

  • Edward

    Oh, I’ve never seen any of his scenes, but he seems hilarious. That was quite entertaining.

  • JasCo

    A 27″ waist?

    The celebrities can’t go to the clubs etc, so he’ll imply that he’s had sex with them in a publc video? I’d be annoyed if I was a client of his.

    Does he get an erection while pooping? Would you have sex with a freshly dead hot man? Sex with grandparent/fingering parent questions? What is this garbage?

  • Donald Horn

    That scene and the behind-the-scenes stuff looked awful.

  • Carrel

    Gave up 6 mins in. Pity this great cock is attached to this slime ball

  • Maximus
  • emercycrite


  • Afonso Silva

    He is a big liar. He’s real name is Walter. He is bisexual and have 2 sons. He and Mr. Pam Fuck together time to time. Sorry my english, i’m from Brazil. Rafael lie all the time.

  • Baradude