Ratings For Disastrous Emmy Awards Fall To All-Time Low

Posted September 13, 2022 by with 8 comments

American culture’s pathetic death spiral continued last night at the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards, and the only thing worse than the ratings might’ve been the disastrous telecast itself. (Yes, I’m one of the dozens of people who watched—but that’s only because I hate myself and have no life.) NBC and the Emmys choosing to cut off hilarious and beloved winners’ acceptance speeches in favor of letting a random announcer perform a cringeworthy three-hour stand-up act ahead of every commercial and presenter introduction proves they have no business producing award shows, or anything on television for that matter. I thought announcers for award shows were supposed to be seen and not heard, yet the person doing the announcing last night had more camera time than Kenan Thompson, the actual host of the show! Regardless, my complaints are as irrelevant as the Emmys, since no one watched this trainwreck. Via Deadline:

Running a touch over three hours, the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards drew 5.92 million viewers and a 1.1/8 rating last night on NBC. Unsurprisingly, that is an all-time low for TV’s big night, which was also on Peacock.

In context, that’s down 19%  in sets of eyeballs from what the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards pulled in on CBS on a Sunday night last year. Also shown on Paramount+ and facing Sunday Night Football on NBC, the 2021 ceremony bucked the bookie’s prediction. The Cedric the Entertainer fronted show saw the 2021 Emmys bop up from the then all-time low of the 6.4 million who watched the semi-virtual 2020 shindig on ABC.

Of course, that year to year comparison only goes so far with the Emmys on a Monday.

In that context, the crowd tuning in for 2022 Emmy Awards fell a very harsh 41% from the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards. Among the 18-49 demo, the decline was 54%.