Real Estate Agents Sued For Having 39-Minute Fuckfest In Clients’ Bed

Posted May 10, 2022 by with 1 comment

Putting aside the desperation and depravity (couldn’t these losers just go home and fuck in one of their own beds?), how stupid do you have to be to think you can do anything in someone else’s home without being watched by a security camera these days? Via KTSM:

James and Laura Glen expected an easy payday when they listed their three-bedroom condo in a red-hot Hamptons market…But listing agents Christopher Burnside and Aubri Peele had other uses for the unit in mind…

In a lawsuit filed last December, the Glens alleged that rather than soliciting offers for the home, the agents used the guise of an open house to engage in a “sex capade” in its primary bedroom.

Burnside informed [the Glens] that a brokers’ open house was scheduled for May 25. But rather than an open house, security cameras on May 25 allegedly captured Peele and a shirtless Burnside entering the unit’s bedroom before emerging 39 minutes later.


The case was settled confidentially back in February, but before the settlement, Burnside reportedly confessed to fucking in the bedroom, and he had even offered to finish the sale at zero commission.

Given how crazy the real estate market has been, these agents were no doubt rolling in dough, and the sellers probably got a nice six-figure settlement. Here are the trashy agents, whose careers are hopefully ruined now:

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