Records Reveal Why L.A. District Attorney Isn’t Charging Dave Chappelle Attacker With Felony

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The attacker from earlier this week didn’t have the weapon in his hand when he jumped on stage and lunged at the anti-trans “comic.” Also, the knife blade was retracted inside the fake gun, so there was no way he could’ve harmed anyone with it during the attack. Via L.A. Times:

“Slow-motion review of video footage of the incident revealed that the suspect did not have the weapon in his hand at the time he rushed and tackled victim Chappelle…” prosecutors wrote.

“The security guard said he grabbed onto the suspect’s hand, causing the weapon to fall to the ground…The security guard discovered that the weapon was a folding knife in the retracted position,” the report added.

Prosecutors noted that the knife doesn’t qualify as a dirk or dagger under state law because it was a folding knife in a retracted position.

Sounds like the attacker is mentally ill (not unlike a lot of people in L.A.). He’s facing misdemeanor battery charges.

[LA Times: Records reveal most detailed account of Dave Chappelle attack, but motive a mystery]

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