[UPDATED] Rentboy CEO Jeffrey Hurant Sentenced To Prison

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hurantUpdate 10/17/2017:

Str8UpGayPorn can confirm that convicted Rentboy CEO Jeffrey Hurant started his six-month prison term yesterday, October 16th. His release date should be on or around April 16th, 2018.

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Upon his release next April, Hurant will be on supervised release for one year, per the court order. He’s serving his sentence at a medium security federal correctional institution in Otisville, New York.

It’s worth noting that multiple male (and female) escort companies are still fully functional, with ads and services being sold across the entire internet every day—making the U.S. government’s actions against Rentboy and Hurant all the more idiotic, ineffective, and pointless.


Original Story—August 2nd, 2017:

Former Rentboy CEO Jeffrey Hurant was sentenced to prison today in Brooklyn federal court. While prosecutors had asked for 15 to 21 months, District Judge Margo K. Brodie sentenced Hurant to six months in prison. The defense’s attempt to modify sentencing guidelines was denied by Brodie yesterday, indicating that she might have been planning to sentence Hurant to the full 21 months.

Rentboy was raided and shut down in August of 2015 by Homeland Security, and Hurant later pleaded guilty to promoting prostitution and conspiracy to commit money laundering. Several other Rentboy employees were also arrested, but they either took deals or had charges dropped.

During sentencing, which included a $7,500 fine, Judge Brodie announced that Rentboy was “the very thing that is illegal,” but then she acknowledged, “there is no question it did a lot of good.” She added, “What I have before me is two decades of committing a crime, and of Mr. Hurant knowing he’s committing a crime. That can’t go unpunished.”

Hurant’s six-month prison term is scheduled to begin soon, but an exact date was not immediately available. After leaving court, he addressed supporters and media outside, giving this statement:

I believe that consensual sex work between adults should be decriminalized and destigmatized. But that hasn’t happened yet. My business was ultimately illegal, but it shouldn’t have been. We must fearlessly fight for the rights to allow consensual adults to choose what they do with their bodies.



  • Love u jeffrey ❤️ #decriminalizeEscorting

  • nerfherder1989

    He ran a prostitution site what did we expect. And I”m not saying prostitution should be illegal or legal just saying when you’re running this business in a country where it is illegal sooner or later you’re going to get caught and do time.

    • Jace

      But only, apparently, if you work gay prostitutes.

      • nerfherder1989

        Uh that’s not true days before rentboy was shut down so was redbook. Please stop using the gay card to excuse him from his actions. That’s why despicable men like trump won when individuals like you use these pity cards.

    • Sean

      Was he actually? In reality all escorts are selling their time. Many people sell their time every day. If you are a contractor, you are selling your time and body to build a house.

      • McM.

        That’s not exactly true. Contractors sell services delivering on a product. Whatever time they spend working towards that product may be in the terms of agreement, but they’re not being paid for their time. When a contractor is hired to fix faulty wiring in a home they are being paid for that product. Proper electrical work in the house. If a contractor fails to complete the job, he doesn’t get paid. If a contractor completes the job and is later found negligent in some aspect, the legal channels exist for clients to recoup a portion or all of the money spent on the product.

  • steve adams

    I wonder how much of the verdict had to do with the money laundering aspect, and what was that all about?

    • iverge

      When you generate proceeds from ‘crime” and then you use the money to pay expenses it is considered money laundering.

      • peter

        In New York especially (Brooklyn particularly) prostitution has traditionally been a domain of the Five Families. I can’t see why they would discriminate between pushing broads and pushing twinks: “it’s just business” as Tony Soprano would say. Historically, I believe the Genovese family owned the Stonewall. So there may have been laundering involved that didn’t involve direct revenue from tricks.

      • steve adams

        I was thinking that, but generally he wasn’t taking payment for the “crime” just advertising revenue? He doesn’t receive any part of the payment for the “tricks”, right?

        • Kurtis Wolfe

          Keep in mind Jeffrey was convicted for promotion of prostitution, not prostitution.

          • steve adams

            There is a law against promotion of prostitution? So if I say, “he Kurtis Wolfe is awesome escort, he sucks great dick”, I can be charged?

    • McM.

      Wondered that myself. The complete picture of this being drowned out by “legalize prostitution” rallying cries. Those charges are legitimate, but likely are layered onto the one related money laundering in the event the latter falls through.

      Money laundering is a big deal. Was Jeffrey Hurant moving funds through Rentboy and other businesses for himself, or was he part of a larger chain? If he and Rentboy were to be used to launder money for another group, then the state isn’t even close to being done with Jeffrey Hurant.

      • Sean

        Any money made through the illegal act is considered laundered money. So let’s say you sell cocaine. You buy a car. The money you used is laundered money (taking illegal proceeds and putting them into a legal business). The feds throw this on these charges to go for longer sentences and as bargaining chips to make others turn evidence.

  • Trepakprince

    Now let’s see them charge the straight sites as well.

    • Alexz

      I wish they would.

    • PaulieP

      i am guessing the the others sites have there servers over seas… that is why rentmen is still around…

  • OverKill
  • Dale Bergman

    Once again, our legal system is grossly biased. Why didn’t that slob Donald Burns serve any time in prison for his prostitution ring?

    • sxg

      Probably because he didn’t own the prostitutes and just merely hired them? I think legally speaking Jarec would be the one to serve more time on the topic since he was the one who set up the meetings and gained a profit from each setup.

      • EatingRaoul

        In Sweden (and some other places in Europe, I think), selling sexual services is legal. Buying them is not. The rationale — “it is unreasonable to also criminalize the one who, at least in most cases, is the weaker party who is exploited by others who want to satisfy their own sexual desires”

  • sxg

    Just 6 months? Oh he can do that, especially if they put him in the gay wing. Although that would be boring, being stuck with all those nelly queens.

    My advice to Jeffrey is to hit the gym there as much as you can so you can get into shape and re-invent yourself as a pornstar. For sure you’ll already have a contract waiting for you at Men when you get out, they love their ex-cons. Although you probably don’t need to get in that great shape for Men, they did let Colby Fatsen work there for years in his condition.

    • c_find

      Don’t you have to be “straight” or Identify as straight in addition to your criminal past to work at men?

      • sxg

        It’s preferred but not required. Diego Sans isn’t straight and he’s a Men exclusive. Although it’s probably not the best example since he is sleeping with one of the directors at Men.

  • Pertinax

    In my country prostitution is a legal activity since 2004 ( although not regulated ). What is illegal are activities such as brothels, child prostitution, sex tourism and pimping. Thirteen years after the legalization the general opinion about prostitution remain the same. Try to call someone ‘ puta ‘ ( for woman ) or ‘ michê ‘ ( for man ) here …

    • WhimsyCotton
      • Pertinax

        Exercice 1:
        a ) Puta………………….( ) Italian
        b ) Putana…………….. ( ) French
        c ) Putain ………………( ) Spanish and Portuguese
        Make the correspondence.

        • WhimsyCotton

          1) b
          2) c
          3) a

          I promise I didn’t cheat.

          • Pertinax

            Wonderful ! : A+

      • Pertinax

        From her face everyone can see that she isn’t joking… That’s the general feeling that I pointed above about sex workers in all Latin America, no matter if it is legalized or not …

        • WhimsyCotton

          Fucking hypocrites. They’d hop on a sugar daddy dick in a heartbeat if it meant financial security.

          • Pertinax


  • Xzamilloh

    Absolute nonsense… hell, half of the sex workers as it is would be a million times safer if the shit was regulated and not pushed into the shadows. Pros serve a vital purpose to society, too, and it’s high time the public recognized them for the hard working citizens they are. Where there’s a 14 year old boy who needs to prove to daddy that he isn’t some sissy queer? There’s a pro. When the wife’s being stingy with the poon poon and the husband needs a transvestite to awaken some deep seated desires within himself? There’s a pro. When bitches be acting stuck up and think wining and dining before grinding is how it works, but all you want to do is get your dick wet and/or your prostate tingled? There’s a pro. It’s amazing that Congress will turn their nose up at regulating weed and prostitution, when we know that half of them utilize the latter and probably need the former just to loosen up and enjoy it.

    Enough is enough, America… Go pro and save a ho!!! Do it for the economy, do it for the safety of sex workers. Goddammit, do it for America!!! USA!! USA!! USA!! USA!!


    • Dulcis Memoria

      I’m from DC. I assure you, half of those politicians also love the weed and other illicit substances. For all of its formality, DC is one of the sleaziest towns I’ve ever spent time in. In the 80’s and 90’s It was the only town besides SF where you could find go-go boys of questionable age dancing naked with hard-ons in a little hole in the wall dive bar.

      • McM.

        You’re probably referring to Secrets, the old location.

        Don’t know about weed because it can be detected by smell on a person hours after use, but drug of choice for DC politicians has always been cocaine. The tell tales signs are mostly behavioral, which are easily excused since they’re so common. Curious, but investigations into cocaine movement through the district tend to focus away from The Hill. I wonder why….

        • Dulcis Memoria

          I agree. Booze and Coke tends to be the drug of choice. I was referring to Chesapeake House, but thanks for reminding me of Secrets!

          • EatingRaoul

            And La Cage. And Wet (nee Lost & Found). Dayum, DC sucks now.

  • Zealot

    I understand about degrees of things, but you could apply the same logic to speeding. Mr. Babcock, you were indeed speeding in order to get your injured son to the ER for help. But you knew you were speeding, and while it did some good, it cannot go unpunished.

    It would probably be shocking for Margot K. Brodie to realize how many of her constituents, nay family members take advantage of these kinds of services.

    But I digress….if we’re going to take the moral high ground about it, why RentBoy? When people say things like “well we have to make an example of someone”….that’s rubbish. If you’re going to moralize from the bench that those who knowingly break the law must always be punished, whether during doing good things for others or not– then it must apply to all who do the same. This “deterrent” BS doesn’t work. Never has. It just helps others doing the same thing do it smarter. So epic fail from the bench Ms. Brodie.

    I’m glad Mr. Hurrant is only doing 6 months, but the basis for the raid was flawed from the start and all he was likely guilty of is making more money from it and being a bigger more visible fish. Crimes like this involving moral-based laws are bogging down our law enforcement and judicial systems and are ridiculous by-products of our Puritan forefathers, and therefore should be done away with. But not while we have Cheeto Jesus in the WH. You know, our moral signpost cum president. And there isn’t an eye roll or sigh big enough to insert here.

  • Rent boy wasn’t a money launderer.

    They were a small business that employed about local New Yorkers.

    They allowed guys with ambition to build up a profitable service business.

    They were always good to me. The government took everything from the founder and it left him destitute. Prosecutors used evidence acquired in a manner that should be unconstitutional. The Rentboy saga represents one of the first real test cases of how the DOJ can exploit the unique search and seizure powers of the Department of Homeland Security.

    This conviction demonstrates the courts will accept warrantless search and seizures as long as they are derived from the Department of Homeland Security in the course of its “duties”.

    Most people do not realize the DHS has the lawful right to operate within a hundred miles of any point of entry where international access may occur. This means you can be stopped and searched by DHS for any reason if you are within a hundred miles of an airport, ports railways etc.

    To not be afflicted by the DHS you literally have to live on a mountain top in Wyoming.

    Americans are losing their constitutional freedoms.

  • Devin

    He didn’t do anything wrong though.

    • nerfherder1989

      He ran a website that promoted activities in the USA. I’m not saying I agree or disagree with prostitution but come on, he was dancing with the devil.

      • Knightgee

        What exactly is the point of a comment like this? No one is unaware that the activity itself is against the law. What’s being argued is that the law is stupid and serves to help no one in cases like this.

        • nerfherder1989

          He put himself in this situation I don’t feel sorry at all.

          • wincrasher

            People are upset by it because it appears to lack fairness. He was targeted and made an example of. This case was pursued at the expense of matters of a higher priority to our society. It smacks of political payback and abuse of prosecutorial discretion. It is blatantly homophobic as it goes after this relatively small operation when straight prostitution is a much bigger enterprise.

      • Sean

        Was he? He was only matching people up and charging ad fees. It would be like if a personposted an ad on craigslist looking for a sugar daddy. Somebody replies and ends up paying the boy to be his boy toy. Is craigslist guilty of promoting prostitution?

  • Maximus

    All sex is transactional. You’re always exchanging something for something else, whether it’s an orgasm for emotional intimacy, an orgasm for an orgasm, an orgasm for financial support, etc. It’s illogical and hypocritical to say that exchanging an orgasm for cash is morally unacceptable. The government also has no place policing people’s reasons for engaging in sex so long as force, threats, or coercion aren’t involved. Furthermore, it’s ridiculous that prostitution that occurs behind closed doors is illegal when porn is legal.

    Ugh, this country.

  • Knightgee

    So who was helped here? Which victims are now helped because Jeffrey Hurant is going to jail? Who was victimized by the existence of Rentboy who has now found some measure of justice? Who is safer now thanks to this Homeland Security raiding of Rentboy and our justice departments rounding up, harassing and punishing of its CEO and employees? There are companies literally hoarding water in areas afflicted by a drought who will never see so much as an investigation, but Rentboy required the DHS get involved?

  • PaulieP

    the worlds oldest profession and still not legal. In Pompei you can see the erect penises pointing the way to the whorehouse…. the emperors all got a cut of the money taken in and it was legal…. and it worked….

  • steve adams

    I think I’m pretty up to date with my reading of ho sites being taken down…

  • squash4dave

    So, what’s the difference between a hustler and a porn star, anyway? The only real difference is that both (or even more) performers are getting paid, in the case of the pornstars and the “John” doing the paying is a person with a camera, who’s watching them do it and then putting it online for everyone else to see. If one is legal, then they both should be. The real whores are the politicians, who screw the people that they’re supposed to be representing and who are taking money from the “John” corporations that pay them to do their bidding, especially in the ?????????? Party, as I have taken to calling them (or the ?rand ?ld ?erverts). I’m not excusing the Dems, completely, but they’re not as bad, just more ineffectual.

    • squash4dave

      I should also add that the biggest whore and criminal in D.C. is the “Presidunce”.

    • Pinko of the Grange

      some of the differences are: all parties are getting paid”, a camera; and distribution system for the video.
      At the most basic level some one is getting nooky for $.

      • David Siegel

        But, in the end both are getting paid for having sex with someone that they might or might not be attracted too and the John might not be getting paid, but he’s still getting something of “value”, namely having sex with someone that he desires.

        • Sean

          That is not necessarily true. Many porn sites have guys paid by the prodiucer (john) to have sex with them. I can think of Jake Cruise or gaycastings off the top of my head

  • Robert Gee

    how about Trump Modeling is that next?

  • Watari

    They sent him to a medium security prison? Why not a low or a camp for this type of “crime”? Guess they really want him to suffer for those 6 months.

  • Baradude

    But I bet if it was a escort site for men looking for women it be all good…? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/17463fa239699f29b206fd01dcd2532a899c9e14714dfdba131e0c8d233026a1.gif

  • Sean

    This is part of the entire stupidity of Ameriucans hang up with sex. IF they had videotaped the encounter and posted it online, it would be legal since it is porn, BUT if it isnt taped, it is prostitution.
    It also brings up the issue that I find even more concerning. A 16 year old sends a nude pic to his bf (of any age) on his phone and it is a crime, BUT in many states if the bf actually fucked him, it is legal.