Delta Airlines Flight Attendant Suspended For Sex Tape With Austin Wolf Filmed In Airplane Lavatory

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5130452-0-image-a-50_1539789946926Gay porn star Austin Wolf is making headlines in the DailyMail today for allegedly having sex with a Delta Airlines flight attendant in an airplane lavatory. According to the British tabloid, the mile high sexual encounter was recorded on video and later shared on Twitter, and while the flight attendant was not on duty, he was wearing his Delta uniform on camera while having sex with Wolf. After co-workers and Delta management saw the video, the flight attendant was suspended, and an investigation is now underway. Via DailyMail:

A Delta Airlines flight attendant faces being fired after video emerged of him having sex with a male porn star inside an aircraft lavatory, can exclusively reveal. Furious bosses launched an investigation after clips of the mile-high romp were posted online and spotted by shocked colleagues.

The attendant was off duty but wearing his Delta uniform when he hooked up with passenger and adult performer Austin Wolf. The two men are believed to have nipped to a bathroom mid-flight where they spent more than eight minutes locked inside the tiny space.

Two different clips of their steamy encounter were later posted on Twitter where they were soon reported to the airline: slogan ‘Keep Climbing’. Sources say the cabin crew member, a recent hire in his 20s, told Delta chiefs he had no idea the encounter was being filmed – and had no part in posting it online.

The blue movies have since been taken down but the employee was suspended pending a full investigation into a breach of the company’s standards of behavior. understands that Delta will also consult legal experts as part of their probe in case the posting of the video without consent broke so-called ‘revenge porn’ laws.

New York-based Wolf, who has appeared in numerous hardcore porn films and advertises his services online as a $1,200-per night ‘rent boy’, refused to discuss the rendezvous when reached by is choosing not to identify the suspended flight attendant because he says he did not consent to having the footage made public.

Str8UpGayPorn has reached out to Austin Wolf for comment on the sex tapes, and this post will be updated if we receive a response.



  • FrenchBug

    I know not of this particular story, obviously, and let’s note that this dumb attendant was having sex on the job which is a firing offensive regardless of whether it was recorded.

    But just last week, a performer with a OnlyFans made an “announcement” that he would from now on only hookup with people who also have a OnlyFans because “convincing” regular folks to let him film their hookup was taking too much time and energy.
    I am not going to try and unpack the bizarre line of thinking and dumb life choices here, but I can’t imagine him being alone in having lost any sense of perspective and I therefore would not be surprised *at all* if we start seeing more and more Billy-Santoro-type scandals of people being unaware they are being recorded.

    And, because I need to finish on a cunty note, I’d add that I would not be surprised *at all* if AW was that kind of guy.

    • Ed Woody

      The story repeatedly says the employee was not on duty at the time, therefore he was not “having sex on the job”. If he was on a plane and in uniform but not actually on duty, then he was presumably positioning as a staff passenger, either getting to or returning from the airport from where he actually would be on duty.

      So the issue is not that he was having sex while on the job, it is only that he brought the company into disrepute by allowing the uniform to be seen in an undignified position.

      But i agree about Austin Wolf. I honestly don’t get the appeal.

      • FrenchBug

        The fact he was wearing the uniform is why I misunderstood; still seems like a dumb move to make for a quickie in the bathroom but, then again, I am judgmental like that.

        • nodoubtfan

          I feel like we need to see the video to make sure.

          Okay, *I* need to see the video to make sure.

          I just want to see the video.

          • Jace

            I saw the video. The very first thing you see is the flight attendant’s name badge. Photo and name included. I know FA’s have a reputation for being a bit, um, dumb, but this queen takes the cake.

          • nodoubtfan

            I’ve seen the video now and yep…the kid’s name is right damn there. Wow.

            I can see how the FA wouldn’t have known he was being recorded — that bathroom is tiny, he’s busy servicing big ass Austin in that small space, and probably isn’t trying to be heard by his co-workers and other passengers.

            I would like to think that the craving for dick isn’t THAT strong, but damn.

          • Es Kay

            Now where are y’all seeing this video??

          • e jerry powell

            Well, from back in the day, dumb and slutty, but that was back in the “stewardess” age, and while it may not have been factually true, it certainly seemed like stewardesses kept their lapses in judgement away from the air/airport — if they actually liked their jobs (e.g. June in Sondheim’s Company, Who would have been fired for missing work in order to stay overnight with what should have been a one-night stand — who couldn’t even remember her name during the sex — than for having sex on the plane).

        • Wearing the uniform basically makes him a representative of Delta and fucking bareback in the airplane bathroom is not an image that they want to promote. He should have known that.

          • e jerry powell

            “Should have” requires judgement that surpresses hormonalurgesh.

            I guess Freud was ultimately misguided concerning the superego. Of course, that was the beginning of the twentieth century, before fame-whoring became the world’s pastime over any sport.

      • c_find

        I get why people might be into him He’s super tall and he gives off the alpha Dom vibe some bottoms want in a Dom top. It’s not for everyone

        • FrenchBug

          And sadly, many gay men find major arrogant douchebags irresistible.

          • c_find

            Women as well It ain’t only a gay thing LOL

          • Maximus

            That’s why we have to champion alternative forms of masculinity.

        • CA

          I mean…I’ll admit, I’m that kinda bottom. I think Austin is sexy and he knows how to fuck.

          • DaveAtom

            Agree. I find him attractive too.

      • Scrapple

        Technically even if he wasn’t on duty he was still having sex at his workplace. If the uniform had not been involved, there would still need to be disciplinary action.

        • John

          I disagree. If the uniform had not been involved, first off, no one would know who he is. I’m against DAL firing him for this. Terrible, but he’s a recent hire and should be given a stern warning and a second chance.

          • Scrapple

            We live in an age where people can pick out models who did porn decades ago. Someone most certainly would’ve recognized him. You shouldn’t have to warn people not to literally fuck where you work.

          • No_No_No_Yes

            LOL.. stop judging. I have a strict “no camera” policy.

          • Scrapple

            But obviously not a “no airplane bathroom” policy. Tramp.

        • No_No_No_Yes

          *I* am really disappointed there are no damn screen grabs. HOW can you do scantless shit without leaving proof – did Kim K teach the dizzy bitch NOTHING? Shameful I tell you. How will he ever build a white trash gay dynasty if there is nothing for Pornhub to run?!

          I would think Austin should be real worried if he did actually post that shit with no consent, although really what kind of ass clown allows someone to record shit like that. The bigger rub in all this is that Austin could find himself both up on charges and defending a lawsuit for loss of income and unlawful disclosure.

          • Maximus

            Something tells me that the type of trade boys with whom Ms. Wolf fraternizes can’t afford attorneys and don’t know how to file pro se complaints in small claims court. She should be worried about those potential criminal charges, though.

      • e jerry powell

        “Undignified” is probably the politest way of putting it; more accurate terms couldn’t be printed in even a tabloid.

    • c_find

      To your second comment it is a big thing, because more and more pornstars are using only fan and secondary income. They now just hookup with people so that they can have content for their page. The hey be hitting people up on grinder and the moment you refuse to let them film you they either block or stop answering. Quin quire twitted about this and how he has no interest in hooking up with guys unless they allow him to film it.

      • FrenchBug

        Actually, getting to that point sounds to me like guys trying to make sex work their primary and only income.
        If you are willing to sacrifice a personal sex life because you are so focused on getting content, you might want to consider reconsidering your life choices and acknowledge that, without escorting, adult performing can only be supplementary income and you need to get a regular job.

  • TheSagaOf

    I mean… Austin Wolf is not lose-my-income hot. BIG YIKES

    • Xzamilloh

      Right? I’d lose my job over Austin Wilde… hell even Austin POWERS over Austin Wolf. He could still sit on my face though.

      • Ed Woody

        Give me Nyle DiMarco in my tight enclosed space and I’d definitely take my chances.

        • DaveAtom

          This. I’ll that too for him.

        • Maximus

          Nyle is so, fucking, FINE. I binged the entire season of ANTM that he was on, and I was constantly yelling at the screen, “Why is Nyle wearing clothes?! There is no reason why he couldn’t be in his underwear right now!” Ugh, and then there are his beautiful eyes. The photoshoot he did with the husky nearly killed me; it was almost too much male gorgeousness for my little gay heart to handle.

          Also, I just found out that Nyle is bi, and I’m positively thrilled. I was under the impression that he was straight. Gay Jesus has truly blessed me on this day.

          • Ed Woody

            I know, right? I am SO into him. I don’t get all fluttery and twitterpated about many celebrities but he’s definitely one of the few. And the fact that he seems like such an incredibly nice guy on top of being just achingly gorgeous… ugh.

            He describes himself as “fluid”, which is one of these new millennial codewords for bisexual, yeah. For a long time I worried that was just canny marketing, keeping himself available to both sides so as not to upset anybody, like when Gale Harold from QAF refused to come out as straight. But I don’t think you can stand up in front of the Human Rights Campaign and declare yourself a member of the LGBT community if you’re actually not, so I’m glad I don’t have to be so cynical and I can trust that he actually is as nice as he seems.

          • Maximus

            Yeah, I refuse to use the term “fluid.” Sexual attraction isn’t fluid. Behavior and identity often are, but nobody goes back and forth between being attracted to the same sex and being attracted to the opposite sex. It’s one of those dumb trend words, like “metrosexual,” that nobody will be using ten years from now.

            I’m too cynical and emotionally exhausted to wade into whether he’s genuinely a good person or not. My questions when it comes to a hot male celebrity are: (1) Does he vote Democrat? (2) Does he have a criminal record? (3) Have any #MeToo allegations been made against him? (4) Are there any documented instances in which he has displayed moral turpitude? If the answers are (1) yes, (2) no, (3) no, and (4) no, then I am a fan and have no desire to delve any deeper.

    • Ceecee

      I do think Austin Wolf is super hot, but I’m like howling at this phrasing.

      • TheSagaOf

        Oh, I agree. He is hot as hell. But the rent is due!

  • B.C.

    I have yet to have sex with a porn star and join the mile-high club. Wolf may not be my cup of tea, but I’m kind of envious. Well, if it was free of charge hookup.

  • Xzamilloh

    So he’s saying he didn’t consent to having the footage made public? So did Austin Wolf film him without his knowledge? Or is he unaware that OnlyFans content is still available to the public that pays to see it? And then wearing his employee uniform?

    I hate stories that raise more questions than answers.

  • Xzamilloh

    I won’t speculate… I’ll let our Mancy Drew Zach update as needed :)

  • michaelcovelli54

    Ok, but does anyone have said video?

    • goatwhisperer7

      look on twitter or tumblr

  • Brian Sky

    Now the important thing, where is the video?

  • sanfv

    Don’t let anyone film you, end of story, unless you know what’s at risk and you are 100% okay with it or the risks don’t apply to you.

    Old geezers that openly attack anything queer or sex positive run the world(doesn’t mean they themselves aren’t deviants lol). Patriarchy and conservatism are things that will always exist, and will always be combated, but while everyday people are more sex positive, HR heads are firing people left and right for sex tapes, nudes and onlyfans accounts.

    When my publisher, did a background check on me before they gave me my advance, they did a very thorough inspection, even considering my days as a gogo to be, in their words, “distasteful”. Still got the deal, but it was mind boggling how much they went into my past.

    A student of mine lost their very generous scholarship for having an onlyfans account . Another student, I assume, was the one who forwarded it to the org, out of jealousy or something else, which I can also assume is what happened with the attendant. Other queer folk will be jealous of other queer folk.

    Some sisters hurt other sisters.

    Sex workers know(for the most part) that all material may make them vulnerable in some(many) sectors. The success stories we hear about mostly revolve around those who are self employed, work for a more liberal corporation when it comes to one’s past, or, filmed/escorted before the era of social media.

    One thing that is very evident in this era is that if racist and sexist tweets can come and bite you in the ass, imagine all the onlyfans vids of one taking it raw during folsom that will crush careers and prospects.

    I hope the airlines will be kind in their decision, and I certainly hope that Austin did not film without consent.

    • No_No_No_Yes


    • Ninja0980

      This so much.
      These days,there is no way sex tapes of you won’t get out.
      And unless the place you work for doesn’t give a damn,you will find yourself out of a job.

      • sanfv

        It’s all super connected too.

        My student had a Grindr, had a link on it to Instagram, which had a link to only fans.

        It’s connections like that where co workers, collegues, and employers will always see what you have up.Doesnt matter if it’s a pseudoym too, we are too interconnected.

        When I taught journialsm, I told all the students day one that even if you deleted you tumblr nudes, they are there somewhere, and they could be used against you later on.

        I have a clause in my syllabus that I follow in my daily life: You do not have my consent to film me, ever.

    • Hunter O’Porn

      What kind of work do you write? I’d like to check it out. You can email me at

  • McM.

    I swear these performers are as dumb as a box of rocks dragged from the bottom of an abandoned quarry.

    This is why you need model release forms!

    Randomly filming hookups and uploading the clips to twitter and/or an OF platform without documented consent of all people shown is so stupid. So, so, so stupid. Really, I cannot wrap my head these dumb guys failing to protect themselves and legally distribute material for fun or profit. Filling out a MR form literally takes two minutes. Bing. Bang. Boom. Your’e covered.

    Oh, and recording someone without their knowledge? I just….

    Austin Wolf deserves everything coming his way. As does every other negligent performer out there pulling the same shit.

  • Estelle

    How did he not know that the encounter was being filmed? I haven’t seen the video but if there are POV shots there’s no way you could not know.

    • Zachary Sire

      That’s what I was thinking. With two people fucking in a tiny bathroom, how could you not see you were being filmed by the person fucking you who was holding the camera/phone? Unless the flight attendant had his eyes closed the entire time. Whether or not he knew the video would be shared publicly is of course another question.

      • FrenchBug

        That’s a fair question. I was going to say it might be possible, albeit a stretch, in a doggy situation in a cramped space where turning around might be difficult but don’t airplane bathroom have giant mirrors?

    • FrenchBug

      Now that I have seen part of it, the camera’s POV is fixed and to the side, as if someone’s jacket was hung on the door and the camera was in the pocket. From the angle, it is still weird and implausible but not completely impossible the guy didn’t see it, focused as it might have been on the dick and the nerves from the situation being what they are.

  • Scrapple

    Dumb & Dumber. If you’re going to hook up with a porn model, don’t you at least want to be able to enjoy it? Eight minutes in a (probably) sloppy bathroom all cramped up (because you know Austin’s big ass was taking up all the space) doesn’t sound like fun. At all. And you’re wearing you’re work uniform? I’ve jeopardized lots of things for dick. My reputation. My elasticity. My mental Health. My friendships. And other things. But I sure as fuck am not trading a potential pension for some penis. How much dick you think you’re going to be snagging when you’re unemployed when no dental and health benefits? And hooking doesn’t count.

    Now with respect to the actual taping, I don’t know what to believe. It’s Austin Wolf. It’s not like this would be the first time he published something private without the other person’s consent. Only this time it’s not a phone number.

    • sanfv

      I’ve murdered for dick. I know the pain all too well, sis.

      And don’t say “hooking” or a mob of socially conscience 17 year old non binary kids and old hookers(Connor Habib) will come ’round to air their grievances.

      I say this cuz one of my freshmen tried to file a title nine because I called everyone “sis” and was misgendering everything and everyone.

      I’m gay, everything is she/her/hers to me, LMAO!

      • Scrapple

        I’ve stopped short of murder. But maiming is fair game. Hey, if you didn’t want me to tamper with your man’s skate laces, Tanya Harding style, you should’ve picked a more secure Masterbuilt for your locker.

        It ain’t Festivus, so Connor and those other pressed hoes can form a line and wait while contemplating their whoretality.

        She done already done scammed herses. Leave it to a freshman to be stupid and short-sighted. A smart bitch would’ve said “He invited me to his office hours for private tutoring, then made me read passages from The Things They Carried while he held my balls and talked about these things I carried.”

        • sanfv

          Please tell me that you were sexually abused in your MFA program and you now right the wrongs of the world ala online Gaylor Moon antics in the forms of your writing.

          I always find war novels/CNF to be very sexual: All these men without any coochie, huddling together for warmth while they fight a foreign big bad, growing closer and closer to other men. Why it never culminates into at least a kiss is beyond any guess of mine.

          You best believe MEN has taken your write up, will have Drunky LeRue direct it in “The Bust My Nutty Professor”, plagiarized off a SUGP post made by Scrapple.

          Diego Sans as Office Hours, will never top again because of jealousy, Student.
          Bo Sinn as, Why the hell did we cast a middle school dropout as the professor, professor
          Alex Mecum as a grey-haired early thirties reentry transfer student with a full ride( of peen).
          Sean Zevran as the token black student whom we will photoshop 4 shades lighter student.
          Draven Navaro as try to find an accurate age depiction, why is he shooting porn?, professor
          Johhny Rapid as a voyeuristic talking trashcan that takes all the loads at the end.
          Vadim Black, she’s practically homeless after being ditched by Katelyn, as pieces of garbage in said trashcan.
          Also starring Kim Chee, as a special guest star: Drag queen provost investigating title 9 violations.

          • Scrapple

            No, that happened back when I was still a Computer Science major. My professor was very focused on me learning Cock++. He called it C++ but I knew what he meant. It’s because of him I once considered myself to be Binary. Now I’m Ms. Marvel.

            It’s all in the subtext. Heart of Darkness was a harlequin romance novel in disguise.

            I’d watch maybe one third of that twelve part Men series. And I’d forgo the writing credit with the requirement that “Office Hours” would always be pronounced as “Office Whores.” Also, I’d request twenty-four hour security for Ms. Chee. You know how Johnny gets around Asian women.

  • Alex Lawson

    I hate when people talk about a sex tape without showing the sex tape.

  • Diogenes Veritas

    i hope austin has some way of proving consent was received to record and post that vid, or he might have some serious trouble of his own. i do think it was thoughtless that he didn’t edit out the flight attendant’s name.

  • SaintMike

    how do two people fit into one of those bathrooms let alone have an encounter?

    • I guess they were not flying on American Airlines and one of their new 737 MAX aircraft with the awful tiny restrooms everyone is complaining about.

      • McM.

        You mean… “the coffin”?

  • Cosmic

    This is what happens when a dumb slut meets a dumb whore.

  • Svenne

    Can’t you post a link to the vid?

  • Eric from Sweden

    Seems like “moral panics” strikes again. I personally don’t get why anyone would fire anyone because of a thing like this.

    • iHeartJames

      Probably cuz it could reflect poorly on the company since he’s suppose to be attending to passengers instead he’s in the bathroom getting his back blown. At least he could have took off his uniform so they could have lied and said it was a random person and not a worker representing the company

  • Ricky

    The most shocking part of the article is that anyone would pay $1,200 per night for Austin Wolfe.

  • Jemoen

    Where’s the video Zach? c’mon

    • Zachary Sire

      If it’s at the center of a potential legal issue I’m obviously not going to post it or link to it here. Anyway, I have no idea where it is and don’t care to look for it.

    • I saw part of it really wasn’t that exciting. The FA bends over pants around his ankles and Austin slides in him raw and starts going to town doggy style on him. Airline bathrooms are so small that it was more of a POV type video cause there wasn’t room to do wide angle shots.

  • I have a hard time believing that he did not know that their encounter was being recorded. Austin has shown the cameras he typically uses they are small but not invisible and I think they even have a flashing light on them when they are recording. In a small aircraft bathroom it would be hard to hide one out of sight being those bathrooms are pretty much a modular self contained space without many nooks and crannies to hide a camera. The FA is probably realizing what a stupid error in judgement he made. For that 8 minutes with a hot porn star he now faces loosing his job and possible financial peril as the publicity will likely make finding other employment a bit harder at least until the whole thing blows over. So he is trying to save his ass by claiming he was not aware it was being filmed. Austin does not strike me as being someone that stupid to engage in filming someone without their consent due to the fact that it is a felony in many states.

    • c_find

      Possibly Blake hunter made a comment about the flight attendant and how he likes public sex and can’t be trusted. So who knows??

  • Ninja0980

    I wish I could say I feel sorry for the FA but the fact is he let the object in his pants do the thinking for him instead of his brain.
    And he is going to pay for it.

  • Galaxy_Scribe

    I’ve flown on a lot of planes. None of them have bathrooms that seem REMOTELY comfortable for 2 people to even stand in

  • PaulieP

    the real question is…. how did Austin and another man fit in a plane bathroom. Austin is 6’4″ and huge…add another man and the awkwardness of sex, how….!

  • TruthTeller2020

    Whew Chile! The trash jumped out! Austin Wolf isn’t worth loosing a job for. The only thing appealing about him, is his height and muscles( it’s certainly not his face and dick). I knew this was going to eventually happen. Just because someone says it’s ok to record, doesn’t automatically equate to consent to post the clip on social media( still need a consent form). This whole situation is a mess. Then again Austin Wolf has posted his client’s contact information to be shady

  • Estelle

    Also if he (flight attendant) was deadheading technically he could be coins on the job even if he’s not part of the flight crew.

    I’m a hair over six feet tall and weigh 170 and I’ve yet to go into a airplane bathroom that was comfortable.

  • Leakage

    Have met him in other not-public-but-not-private settings and I also can confirm that he is not an arrogant douchebag. Pros and cons to him: Biggest pro is his taste in men is varied and colorful. This is EXTREMELY impressive because men looking like him usually go for their own, jacked up, white, alpha male, mirror image counterparts. Biggest con is that he once posted publicly the phone number of one of his Johns that pissed him off in some way.

  • Straight Bait

    Where is this video already?

  • Seth Sexton

    So did Austin secretly record this encounter for his only fans account? I’m trying to figure out who uploaded the video to the internet.

    • Ninja0980

      He very well could have only uploaded there but I’ve seen videos(usually taken down fast) on the tube sites from people’s onlyfans accounts.

  • Hunter O’Porn

    I feel bad for the employee in this case for being publicly shamed and making the tabloids. I imagine he knew who Austin was and his sexcapades. That being said from the three minute clip I saw looked like Austin hung his shirt or jacket with the camera rolling and then once they started to have sex he held the camera to show penetration. I didn’t see the cumshot or anything else but it is extremely possible that he did not know what was going on. He was just enjoying the ride so to speak. However what he did was incredibly stupid – having sex on company property, in uniform and in most places that is grounds for termination. All that said I doubt Austin asked for the guys permission to be filmed, checked his ID and have a signed released to meet all the government and site requirements. Austin could be in big trouble with OnlyFans, the government for “revenge porn” and if the flight attendant decides to sue.

  • Marcus Collack

    “The amorous pair were banned from future Virgin flights…”

    One of us
    one of us

  • Having just watched the entire scene there is no way that the FA did not know he was being filmed. Austin uses a phone camera in a dark brown or black case that is clearly visible in the mirror behind them as the video starts out with the FA blowing Austin. Austin later picks the camera up to get a close up of him entering the FA from behind, and though the FA had his back to Austin the small space meant he had to have seen what Austin was doing. The only way he could not have seen is if he was blind.

  • Wickbaby

    Stupid millennial….

  • e jerry powell

    Another Paige Jennings/Veronica Vain situation, but gayer and dumber? The folksier among my gay community of origin put it succinctly: “don’t shit where you eat.”

    What are these kinds of employees — I hesitate to call it “thinking?” I would hope that it’s eminently clear that mixing corporate life with even the vaguest hint of the pornographic is highly likely to force an unplanned career change — unless, of course, it’s an adult entertainment corporation. Did the flight attendant think he’d be able to defend himself against termination for caues when — not if — the situation inevitably came to light, undoubtedly through social media, because people can’t keep themselves from advertising themselves. (Don’t worry, I know I’m just as bad without being on Twitter.)

    Are schools even teaching critical thinking skills anymore? What is happening?