Peter Thiel’s Dead Model Boyfriend Witnessed “Messy Confrontation” Between Thiel And His Husband Prior To Death

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Male model Jeff Thomas plunged to his death from a Miami high rise last month, but before he did, tabloid DailyMail is reporting that Thomas witnessed a “messy confrontation” between his lover, wacko conservative ghoul Peter Thiel, and Thiel’s husband during a New Year’s Eve party. Whether or not this had anything to do with the alleged suicide (assuming it was a suicide, and not a murder?) is pure speculation, of course. Via DailyMail:

Married billionaire mogul Peter Thiel, whose male model boyfriend Jeff Thomas died after plunging from a Miami high rise last month – had a messy confrontation with his husband during the couple’s New Year’s Eve party after Thomas was discovered among the guests, can now reveal.

Thomas was in a three-year relationship with PayPal co-founder Thiel, who put him up in a $13 million dollar mansion tucked in the Hollywood Hills, gifted him with lavish European trips, a $300,000 sports car, and access to the most coveted parties in town.

And now their circle of friends believe that Thomas’s death, a suspected suicide, was related at least in part to his depression over the incident, after which he was financially cut off from Thiel’s largesse.

The exchange took place when Matt Danzeisen, Thiel’s husband and longtime partner, arrived separately to join the New Year celebration, only to discover Thomas was one of the partygoers at the posh event held at Thiel’s Miami Beach compound.

Danzeisen, 56, was enraged that Thomas was among the attendees and started a verbal confrontation with Thiel that took place in front of a roomful of guests, witnesses say.

Thomas knew that Thiel was married, but whether or not Danzeisen was aware of Thiel’s relationship with Thomas is uncertain.

Yet, during the confrontation, Danzeisen was overheard asking Thiel: ‘Why is HE here?’

Friends said Thomas would never have gone to the invitation-only event if he knew Thiel’s husband would be attending.

After the blow up, Danzeisen requested that Thomas be escorted from the party by the couple’s security detail.

Some witnesses say the incident was ‘publicly humiliating’ for Thomas.


While most of this is typical rich white faggot drama, there’s a lot that doesn’t make sense. Thomas died in March (long after the New Year’s incident), so if what happened at the party really was so upsetting, it seems like he would’ve killed himself in the days after the party, not two months later. Also, it’s weird that Thomas would “never have gone” to the event if he knew the husband was going to be there. I’d assume that the husband would automatically be going, and would’ve checked to confirm this. After all, why wouldn’t Thiel’s own husband be attending his New Year’s party? Nothing about this story is adding up for me.

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