Republican Lunges At Matt Gaetz For Not Voting For Speaker Kevin McCarthy

Posted January 6, 2023 by with 6 comments

January 6th: The sequel.

Leave it to the Republicans to bring more chaos and violence to the House Of Representatives. Here’s video of humiliated loser (but eventual winner, 15 ballots later) Kevin McCarthy walking up to mega MAGA douche Matt Gaetz and begging him to change his vote so McCarthy could become Speaker, which Gaetz refused to do. After McCarthy sulks away, you’ll see redneck pig Mike Rogers (R-AL) and his horrifically bad wig screaming something at Gaetz while lunging at him from the aisle, and one wonders what he must’ve been saying that provoked the staffer to cover Rogers’ mouth? Probably something about Gaetz being a pedophile and a sex trafficker.

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