RFK Jr. Presidential Campaign Launch As Independent Candidate Suffers Teleprompter Disaster

Posted October 9, 2023 by with 5 comments

While RFK Jr. and his wife Cheryl Hines look like idiotic assholes as per usual, the real dipshits in these videos are the absolutely brain dead ghouls in the crowd who actually showed up to watch this pointless nonsense in Philadelphia today. Hines can be seen above introducing her anti-vax husband, and here below is what happened after he took the stage. Oops:

And, of course:

While many (myself included) initially thought that Kennedy’s run as an Independent might take votes away from the Democratic nominee next November, because Kennedy is such an absolute freak show, it’s now looking like he’s going to be pulling in Trump voters. Via Semafor:

Members of Donald Trump’s team are quietly preparing to go on offense against Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as internal campaign polling suggests his expected third party bid could draw more votes from Trump than President Joe Biden in a general election.

Semafor has not independently reviewed the polling. One person close to Trump’s campaign said it showed that Kennedy took more votes from Trump than left-wing independent Cornel West drew from Biden when both were tested.

“It’s single digits, but it’s enough where it counts to make a difference,” the person said. A second person familiar with the polling confirmed their description.

With Trump allies “anxious,” as one supporter put it, his campaign and outside allies are also preparing to release an onslaught of opposition research.