RFK Jr. Says COVID Is “Ethnically Targeted” To Spare Jews

Posted July 15, 2023 by with 7 comments

No wonder this sick fuck’s second wife killed herself. RFK Jr. is a deranged, diseased, and disgusting psychopath, and if anyone needed further proof, he was caught on video this week at a New York dinner party telling people that COVID was specifically designed to not kill Jews:

RFK’s anti-vax lunacy and anti-Semitism is of course nothing new. Just last year, he tried to walk back more insane comments when he told a crowd of similarly deranged fans that Anne Frank and other Jews had it easy in Nazi Germany because they weren’t subjected to so-called vaccine mandates:

“Even in Hitler Germany [sic], you [could] cross the Alps into Switzerland. You could hide in an attic, like Anne Frank did,” he told the crowd assembled at the Lincoln Memorial. “I visited, in 1962, East Germany with my father and met people who had climbed the wall and escaped.”

Note that no one in America is ever forced to take any vaccine, and Anne Frank was killed in a concentration camp.

More context on RFK’s remarks via NY Mag:

Blaming Jews for pandemics is a longer tradition. During the Middle Ages, Christians blamed Jews for the Bubonic Plague. The issue with Kennedy is that he long ago entered his own curated world of pseudo-science, in which every respectable position was presumptively false, and every major world event presumptively engineered by secretive elites. This is a mental model that has no braking system. Kennedy can only go further and further into his fever swamp, and every effort to contradict him merely demonstrates that his enemies are determined to silence him.

I’d argue that anti-vaccine RFK Jr. fans are even more brain dead and evil than Trump voters. The MAGA clowns are racist idiots, yes, but they’re “poorly educated” white trash ghouls who’ve been lulled into a cult. RFK’s supporters aren’t redneck hicks, they’re mostly middle-to-upper class people who should be educated enough to know a conman lunatic when they see one. Instead, they’ve signed on to RFK’s conspiracy theories and bigotry because it makes them feel smart, as if they know “the truth” about something that everyone else is too stupid to understand. Joke’s on them, of course, but they probably won’t be laughing when all their children start dropping dead from measles in a few years.