Right-Wing Freak Dennis Prager Says The Unvaxxed Are “Pariahs” Compared To Gays During AIDS Crisis

Posted November 9, 2021 by with 2 comments

Is there any other psychopath in right wing media or politics as brazenly dumb as Dennis Prager? (Marjorie Taylor Greene, maybe.) Here’s the talk radio clown spewing nonsense on a cable “news” show about how unthinkable it would be if gays during the AIDS crisis in the 1980’s were treated as “pariahs” like he says the unvaxxed are today:

Comparing gays of the 1980’s—who were in fact treated as pariahs, as anyone with a functioning brain knows—to today’s unvaxxed is as insulting as it is insanely incorrect (as if there were an effective vaccine for AIDS in the 1980’s that the gays were rejecting; and as if AIDS is transmissible by breathing on someone like COVID is). How could anyone be so ignorant of objective facts from just a few decades ago, not to mention so clueless about what’s going on right now? The truly scary thing is that this freak and his way of “thinking” represents about 35% of Americans. It amazes me that the United States—which is full of some of the most truly stupid people on earth—has lasted as long as it has.

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