RIP: All 99¢ Only Stores Shutting Down For Good

Posted April 5, 2024 by with 11 comments

Well, it’s over. I haven’t been in a 99 Cents store for at least 20 years, and now I’ll obviously never be in one again. I can’t remember what I would’ve bought there (cleaning supplies? plastic utensils or napkins for a house party? cheap candles?), but I know they served a great purpose for plenty of people on a budget. Of course, in Joe Biden’s economy where a McDonald’s combo meal costs $17 and a tank of gas will set you back $140, there’s obviously no place in America for a 99 Cents store. What in the world could they even still be selling for $.99? A snack size bag of Fritos? A single disposable razor? Maybe a tiny bottle of Dasani water? RIP.

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