Prince Charming’s Robert Sepulveda Jr. Takes Three Seconds To Address His Escort Work: “The Past Is The Past”

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logo1-1-1024x677With his work as an escort and his x-rated videos dominating headlines about his upcoming Logo reality show, Finding Prince Charming’s Robert Sepulveda Jr. (formerly “Vincent Romen” on Rentboy and “JordanAthleteTen” on Rentmen) has finally addressed the subject in an interview with Huffington Post. And by “addressed,” I mean he spent three seconds saying, “The past is the past.”

Sepulveda Jr. doesn’t appear pleased that his past is being discussed, and that’s fine. It’s his past, and he can feel however he wants about it. Sex workers and anyone interested in sex work who were looking to Logo or an “interior designer” for an honest discussion on the profession will just have to look elsewhere.

Meanwhile, an XTube account that was launched five years ago (presumably by Sepulveda Jr.) continues to upload videos of Robert Sepulveda Jr. performing what many would consider extremely graphic—and in some cases extremely disturbing—sex acts. The video below, titled “Injecting Pre-Cum In My Dick From A Client’s Giftbox,” features Sepulveda Jr. doing exactly what that title describes.

[Update: The XTube account appears to be shut down. But, now all of the videos have been uploaded to Pornhub. They’ll likely be pulled from there, too, eventually.]

Neither Sepulveda Jr. nor Logo have responded to inquiries as to who is uploading the videos, and there are less than 10 days to go before the premiere of Finding Prince Charming.

  • Greg

  • Kevin

    He is one nasty bitch.

    • Greg


      • Kevin

        Nasty bad not nasty good!

  • Greg

    But for real though, “Injecting Pre-Cum In My Dick From A Client’s Giftbox”

  • Todd

    Such a Charming response.

    Entrepreneur ….. Tee hee hee

    We’re not focused on your past. We’re focused on your PENDULOUS DONG !!!

  • Bruser

    He’s a whore dear.

  • sanfv

    Past is the past?

    I looked some of his hooker names up and there were escort forums where people were reviewing him and talking about hiring him in April 2016.

    I bet she’s doing tricks right as we type.

    • McM.

      Talk about bucking the system. Some escorts appear in porn to increase their profiles so they can charge more, this guy goes on television. That kind of attention can get him into the Donald Burns tier of clientele.

  • Xzamilloh

    (Let It Go)

    This time was meant for finding love with a great guy (maybe black)
    But, now Prince Charming’s getting grilled for his “life” Xtube brought back
    It should’ve been a life that was forthcoming instead of passively denied
    Logo can’t spin this. Heaven knows they’ve tried
    His chiseled face and soothing class
    Can’t undo shoving bottles up his ass
    Those videos, you can’t unsee
    But they’re free.
    That’s a no. Big hell no. Nothing wrong with kinky sex.
    That’s a no. Big hell no. Draw the line at cum that’s FedEx’d
    I don’t care what grown people do.
    Just don’t film your life
    Cuz then best believe it, I’m judging you


    You’d think that Logo’s team would scour the internet.
    And now he’s plastered all on porno blogs to their regret.
    Their bachelor is dodging questions, high and fast.
    His only comment is: The past is in the past!!
    Oh, hell no!!! Fucking no!!! The PR damage is done!!
    That’s a no. Big hell no. That perfect guy is gone.
    Doom and gloom as your rosebud blooms.
    This is gross as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
    I wasn’t gonna watch this crap anyway.

  • john


  • Zealot

    Confucius say here is wisdom: Today is the tomorrow you forgot to worry about yesterday. But one cannot let the past stay in the past if one chooses to upload the fuck out of your shit online.

  • Andrew S.

    Does he address his alleged racism at all or will all 3 non white contestants being eliminated in the first or second week do that for him?

    • Andrew Simpson

      The three black contestants will not last BUT why did the three black men bother to be on the show anyway? Hard to feel sorry for them they know how these reality dating shows work. The vast majority of the time minorities are tokens.

      • Because they think it will be the exposure they need to make it big as an actor or something like that most likely. There are always those who are blinded with ambition.

  • Blacharrt

    Thought you could dodge your past huh? i wonder what his family thanks of his values.

  • Dale Bergman

    Wow, he comes across as an uppity snot. He seemed annoyed and dismissive when the interviewer bought up his past. He should just own the fact that he’s a freaky pig…

    • 1234

      Don’t compare him to a pig. A pig is an intelligent, noble animal (potbellied pigs make great pets)

      • Dale Bergman

        It is a word for someone who behaves in an unpleasant way (sticking bottles up his ass, injecting someone’s precum inside his penis, etc.). Not the actual animal.

        • 1234

          I thought you knew I wasn’t taking it literally. Herr Douchebag is worse than a pig

          • Dale Bergman

            Yes, I just wanted to clarify it. Douchebag is a good word for Robert (he is contemptible).

  • Maximus
  • johnn

    um whats the purpose of injecting pre cum in your dic???? what am i missing here?

    • CA

      What are you missing? The check he got for doing it.

  • Andrew Simpson

    Well to be fair this is a GAY PORN site which discusses gay porn stars. Why should this guy be SHAMED just because he was a gay prostitute? He needed money so he got paid to have sex with other men. I don’t see that as wrong or shameful it is a job like any other. But I can see the other side too, is this the BEST Logo could do? Do they do background checks on the people who appear on their shows? I do find it odd that a former prostitute is the next gay bachelor? Why not someone who is a bit more respectable who earned an honest career looking for love? Logo had to know there would be criticism picking this guy.

  • Pertinax

    Life is a string, a whole process.The past made what we are today. We are forged by our acts, our behavior in the past.

  • LiberalButNotSheep

    I think this Sepulveda guy is uploading the videos and the program promoters/network wanted to create this ‘scandal’. Otherwise, was anyone all that interested in watching a cheezy reality program – like 300 others before it?

    • CA

      idk…those are rather graphic videos. Logo is a rather tame station….it’s like Disney level gay.

  • OhMyClarence

    Good for her. I mean, what did we expect him to say, and really what did we want him to say? So he was an escort in the past, with the lamest “it was to pay for school” excuse. A lot of people go into and fall into the industry for various reasons and there is no reason anyone of them has to give particular reference to their past time as a escort, anymore than say a person’s stint as a someone who flipped burgers.

    Especially because there doesn’t seem to be anything in his background that suggests his is intentionally hiding it or has taken a stance that makes him a hypocrite.

    It’s still going to be another crappy reality TV show though.

  • WhimsyCotton


  • … I’m out

  • I still want to know how all these queens end up looking more plastic than a Realdoll. It can’t all be makeup. There has to be some reason why their skin is so shiny and rubbery looking.

    • binchurood

      Maybe it’s Maybelline.

  • Marcus Collack

    On one hand there’s needs to be a come to Harley Quinn moment and :Own THAT SHIT.
    On the other, if I had to discount everyone for some kinky, if not questionable, sex practices, I most likely wouldn’t look at porn.

  • TheThom

    Boy. Way to go Logo. Sign me up for a chance to date this seed whore. #sarcasm

  • Andrew Simpson

    Interesting the mainstream media picked up the logo bachelor story from this website. NY MAG gave credit to this blog for breaking the story. The media are even criticizing Logo.

  • Colorful Kent

    let it go. let it go.

  • Kaileo

    Who cares?! What prudes…