Ron Jeremy Officially Declared Incompetent, Will No Longer Stand Trial For Rape

Posted January 18, 2023 by with 3 comments

Prosecutors had indicated earlier this month that this would be happening, and today a judge made it official. Ron Jeremy has been declared incompetent due to incurable neurocognitive decline, and he’ll no longer stand trial on multiple rape charges. Via Deadline:

Almost a year after his mental health was called into question, former porn star Ron Jeremy has been officially deemed incompetent to stand trial on multiple rape charges.

In a hearing today at a Hollywood Boulevard courthouse, Judge Ronald S. Harris declared that the nearly 70-year-old alleged serial predator is in an “incurable neurocognitive decline.” Referring to the absent defendant by his real name of Ronald Jeremy Hyatt, the LA Superior Court judge went on to say that assessments he had gone over conclude that Jeremy’s state of mind “would most likely not be restorable.”


Ron Jeremy has been held in the Twin Towers jail in downtown L.A. for over two years now, and next month, a judge will rule on where he’ll be housed moving forward. It’ll obviously be some sort of mental health facility, and the judge will determine how long—and how restrictive—his containment will be. Presumably, he’ll be ordered to remain in some form of lockdown for the rest of his life.

Jeremy, who is said to have “acute dementia,” was indicted on 33 rape charges, and if he’d gone to trial and been convicted, he could’ve been sentenced to over 300 years in prison.

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