ROUND ONE VOTE: Who Is This Year’s Thirst Trap King?

Posted November 30, 2022 by with 16 comments

You’ve voted in over forty Thirst Trap Recap polls all year long, and now it’s time to decide 2022’s ultimate Thirst Trap King!

Based on the weekly top vote-getters from all of 2022’s Thirst Trap Recap polls, there are a total of 43 finalists in this year’s Thirst Trap King contest, and the first 20 of them are presented below, along with the photo or video that made them a finalist when they won their week. These 20 finalists (from the first half of the year) make up round one of voting, which will conclude one week from today, next Wednesday. The second group of 23 finalists (from the second half of the year) will make up round two of voting, which will begin next week.

Once round one and round two are complete, the top five vote-getters from round one and the top five vote-getters from round two will all face off as the top 10 in one final round of voting. 2022’s Thirst Trap King winner—who’ll take over for reigning champ Beau Butler (above)—will be revealed before the end of the year!

Who will be your first top five Thirst Trap Kings? Vote for your favorite star once per day, every day, from now through next Wednesday, and round one’s five top vote-getters will be revealed before we start round two and introduce the other 23 finalists.

Congratulations and thank you to all the finalists for keeping us so very thirsty all year long, and for winning their weeks earlier in the year. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite in the poll below to help determine the top five for round one, and don’t forget that you can vote once every 24 hours until the poll closes in one week.

And your first 20 potential kings are:

John Clyde

Lane Colten

Diego Daniels

Logan Stevens

Samm Fitness

Daniel Montoya

Alejandro Piño

Blake Mitchell

Troye Jacobs and friends

Austin Wilde

Sean Ford

Josh Brady

Lydian Grey

Zach Astor

Silas Brooks

Josh Moore and LazzaratoXXX

Roxas Caelum

Shane Cook

Trevor Brooks

Clark Reid

ROUND ONE VOTE (votes may be cast once every 24 hours):