ROUND TWO VOTE: Who Is The Ultimate Thirst Trap King Of 2020?

Posted November 9, 2020 by with 15 comments

You’ve voted in dozens of Thirst Trap Recap polls all year long, and now it’s time to decide the ultimate Thirst Trap King Of 2020. Based on the weekly top vote-getters from 2020’s Thirst Trap Recap polls, there were a total of 37 finalists in the Thirst Trap King Of 2020 contest, and 18 of them were presented last week. Those 18 finalists made up round one of voting, and with that poll just closed, I can now reveal the top five who move on to the final round (facing the top five from round two). They are:

Congratulations to Kaleb Stryker, Michael Boston, Calvin Banks, Niko Vangelis, and Blake Mitchell! As noted last week, these top five vote-getters from round one and the top five vote-getters from round two (presented below) will all face off as the top 10 in one final round of voting later this month. Today, it’s time for round two and the remaining 19 finalists.

Who will be your next top five Thirst Trap Kings Of 2020? Vote for your favorite star once per day, every day, from now through next Monday, and round two’s five top vote-getters will be revealed before we start the final round of voting next week.

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite in the poll below to help determine the top five for round two, and don’t forget that you can vote once every 24 hours until the poll closes in one week. Without further ado, here are the remaining 19 finalists:

Angel Rivera

Theo Brady

Damien Ellis

Yes Brawn

Chris Damned

Tayte Hanson

Cody Seiya

Cory Kane

Romeo Davis

David Eck

Sven Basquiat

Devin Holt

Max Fisher

Cade Maddox

Devin Trez

Hector Vega

Steven Lee

Shane Cook

Rhyheim Shabazz

VOTE (remember, you can vote once every 24 hours):

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