Rudy Giuliani Files For Bankruptcy To Try And Avoid Paying $148 Million Judgment

Posted December 21, 2023 by with 5 comments

It’s good to hear in the report below that the $148 million Giuliani owes to those election workers probably isn’t dischargeable, but it still feels like he’ll never end up paying them even a fraction of the judgment from the defamation case. Like Alex Jones, who owes the Sandy Hook families $1.5 billion, America’s ghoul will just avoid, delay, appeal, move money around, and then die before he pays anything. It kind of makes you wonder, what is the fucking point of anything? Yes, his reputation is destroyed, but that doesn’t matter to him, because now his life and his livelihood is defined by being a martyr for the MAGAts. I guess the only real justice will come when he drops dead, which obviously can’t happen soon enough. Via MSNBC: