RuPaul Biography Pulled From Library Over “Sexually Provocative Drawings”

Posted June 30, 2022 by with 3 comments

Via Yahoo:

A children’s biography of drag queen extraordinaire RuPaul has been temporarily pulled from the shelves of a Connecticut library after a single parent complained about its “sexually provocative drawings”—a decision that was met with a torrent of backlash.

“The book contains sexually provocative drawings in which the parent found offensive. The book in question was immediately removed from circulation,” Colchester First Selectman Andreas Bisbikos posted on his Facebook page Monday.

The first selectman, an elected official who acts as the town’s chief executive officer, said he received an emailed complaint about the children’s book—Who Is RuPaul? by Nico Medina—by a parent who felt it wasn’t “in an age-appropriate section” in the Cragin Memorial Library in Colchester. He claimed in the same post that he’d instructed the library’s director to review other books that may be inappropriate for kids.

“The book was temporarily removed from circulation until it is decided what the best place is to put it for circulation,” Bisbikos told The Daily Beast. “The book is still available for anyone in the public to review, it is just not located in the children’s section.”


The biography is from a children’s book series called “Who Is…” that covers various famous people and topics, and it obviously doesn’t include any “provocative” images. So, this is just another example of right-wing psychos coming for the LGBT community.

Unrelated, but in case you haven’t seen it, here’s an iconic episode of The Weakest Link featuring RuPaul (the only online version I could find comes with ads, sorry):