RuPaul Speaks Out Against Drag Bans

Posted March 8, 2023 by with 6 comments

Some on Twitter (of course) have been coming for RuPaul for not speaking out against the bans “sooner,” but these idiots apparently fail to realize that RuPaul has been speaking out against anti-gay hate and right-wing bigots for literally her entire career. I guess Gen Z isn’t satisfied until they see something in a tweet that validates their attention-seeking behavior.

Of course, now that RuPaul has made the above video, the same Twitter zombies are still pissed, and they’re taking issue with the brilliant shade directed at them at the end of the video, or that RuPaul didn’t get into drag in front of a Memphis gay bar to record it, or something:

These people don’t really want to help and they don’t actually have an opinion on anything. They just want other people to notice them on the internet. They just want to be mad.

This is just one example, but here was RuPaul talking about the bans back in June of last year, almost 10 months ago (at about the 2:30 mark):