Ryan Rose Addresses 2013 Arrest: “I Almost Committed Suicide”

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It happened nearly two years ago, but Ryan Rose’s critics continue to bring up his 2013 arrest for brutally attacking his (now ex) boyfriend Bobby Hart at the Phoenix Forum. For the first time, Rose is addressing the incident at length, and reveals that he nearly committed suicide after the arrest. The entire post is on his Tumblr, but here are key excerpts (I’m leaving the grammar, Twitter symbols, etc. alone):

Shortly after signing with FalconStudios.com I totally fucked up. Actually fucked up is a huge understatement. I let alcohol, drugs, and my emotions get the best of me and I physically assaulted my boyfriend at the time @BobbyHartXXX leading to my arrest. Needless to say that was the last time I ever saw bobby. Upon my release from jail I went through a deep depression almost committing suicide. If it hadn’t been for my best friends @CoolTomPix, @FabScoutHoward, @GioCaruso, and believe it or not @FabScoutMatt I would have went straight to my San Diego apartment and drank drano till either I was about to pass out or till I couldn’t take the pain anymore when then I would have taken my 357 magnum snub nose and painted my walls with my brain. I’m not looking for pity or attention from this part the reason this is a little graphic is because this is what I had visioned in my head and what I was going to carry out. Reluctantly I didn’t go through with it.

I tucked my tail between my legs, picked up what was left of my broken heart, I couldn’t even find my pride or self esteem as I packed all I could in my truck and went back to Florida where my support (family) was waiting for me. I hid from the world for a few weeks and awaited for what I thought was going to be calls not only from attorneys and detectives but career ending calls from FabScout.com as well as FalconStudios.com. Saying the least all the legal stuff worked out and the career ending calls turned out to be calls of disappointment but still support provided I sought out help and promised to learn from my horrible mistakes never to repeat them ever. Shocked, I vowed I would never let myself raise my fists in rage, nor let down those who supported me probably when they wouldn’t have.

[…] I did it no one else. It’s my fault. I did the crime I did the time. I’m hiding nothing. But everyone knows the ugly truth and I struggle with this everyday. Everyday someone brings it up and everyday I own it. I try very hard to show people who I really am and how I have become but that incident shall always haunt me as I’m sure it does bobby too and bobby for that I will always be sorry so very sorry.

For what it’s worth, I do think Ryan Rose has changed and learned from his inexcusable mistake—and I was someone who was highly critical of him after the arrest. I take him at his word today, and hope that he keeps it.

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