Ryan Rose: “I’m Not A Racist!”

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I don’t know of anyone ever accusing gay porn star Ryan Rose of racism, so it must have been coming from anonymous trolls on his legendary ask.fm account, where Ryan Rose recently admitted to voting for Mitt Romney (which might make him foolish, but certainly not racist). Either way, Ryan Rose felt inclined to post the below message to his Facebook page:

Listen and listen very closely because this is something that I feel very strongly about. Just because I come from a wealthy caucasian family, or because I didn’t vote for Barack Obama due to my finances and haven’t just yet filmed with a model of African accent DOES NOT MEAN IM A RACIST!!!

When in fact most of my boyfriends have been of different ethnic backgrounds and quite a few of my closest friends are In fact African-American yet I’m still a racist?

But the fact that here today in 2014 I still have to go on a rant about the topic of racism even though I’m trying to turnover a new leaf and live a more positive uplifting lifestyle addressing this topic brings back to light that it still exists and sickens me. We have more pressing matters to deal with and have wasted so much time dealing with those of which still live in the close minded times of the past.

I am gay and although it’s not the same I to am discriminated against and forgo some similar injustices such as I cannot donated blood to the men and women of the armed forces in which I so proudly enlisted in during a time of war nor can I even get married to the man of my dreams nor can I adopt a child just to name a few and yet I’m a racist.

As for my porn career I do not discriminate weather your of different race or you may or may not be HIV positive I do not care as long as it is done is a safe work environment and in a professional manner I do not care.

So do us all a favor and direct your close minded hate somewhere else I don’t have the time nor the patience to address the topic again and I rather address topics of hunger, education, healthcare, homelessness, abuse, equal rights, you know things that really matter things we can change to make the world a better place for the next generations to come. Again I state loudly and clearly I Ryan fucking Rose am not a racist of any type and I hope that sinks in with you. Thank you for your time and please repost this for all to see!


Ryan Rose and Diesel Washington at Gay Days last year.

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