Ryan Rose Is Filing A Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against The Hard Rock Hotel In Las Vegas

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Ryan Rose, in a strongly worded Facebook post tagging the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas:

I’m formally letting you I have contacted my attorney and will be filing a sexual harassment case against you. I have talked to you cage manager and she noted that several of your security persons were indeed following me and my guests and harassing us. Upon calling security and telling them to leave us alone so we could go to our hotel room we were still stopped and again harassed I believe it is because I and my guests our gay public figures. We also made a complaint with Alison singer the front office manager and then because of the following harassment missed our pool party at the hotel. The way we handled ourself were in the most professional manner unlike your belligerently rude and very unprofessional including but not limited to laughing in my face when I explained the situation and requested information on how to proceed with my complaint. David who claims to be the security manager was also one of the men who stopped us and again upon explaining our situation was unprofessional and dismissive.

It’s unclear what the security guards allegedly did to provoke a sexual harassment lawsuit (I’ve reached out for clarification), but if you’re wondering who Ryan Rose’s guests were, here they all are on the flight to Vegas. Other than Ryan, I don’t recognize any of these people as “gay public figures,” but then again I don’t get out much.

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