Gay Porn Star Ryan Rose Speaks Out Against Donald Trump: “He Represents Everything We’re Against”

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Last week, gay porn star Colby Keller admitted that he’d be voting for Donald Trump. Today, another gay porn star is revealing that he will definitely not vote for Donald Trump. That gay porn star is Ryan Rose, and in a post to his personal Facebook page, he implores family members to reject Trump, reminding them that electing the Republican nominee will undo all of the progress made in the fight for LGBT equality.

Here’s Ryan Rose’s full Facebook post (reprinted here with his permission), which has been lightly edited for grammar and clarity:

So I have tagged most if not all of my immediate family, or at least the ones who have befriended me on Facebook. Furthermore I normally don’t talk politics nor do I call in favors but…this directly affects me.

For some of you I have taken to sports fields and bled, sweated, and gave you my all to the point of exhaustion in fear of letting you down. For others whom were picked on or bullied—or maybe your children may have been the victims of such bullying—I personally came to your defense without hesitation. And to some of you we have grown up together and have shared in some of life’s hard lessons, and been each other’s shoulder to lean on. For a few, and not to single anyone out, I have done things I really didn’t want to, like taking my cousin to prom her senior year. Regardless of all that, I know I haven’t been the greatest grandson, son, brother, nephew, cousin, or relative. With such a great family to have as role models I know I could have done things better.

I often look at your families and want what you all have, and dream of one day having just that and maybe starting my own addition to our family with the right person at the right time. Now to the favor and political part. I know some of you may be voting for Mr. Trump and it’s your right as a tax paying, voting, American citizen to do just that. But before you do that take into consideration me, your grandson, your son, your brother, your nephew, your cousin, your relative. Now Mr. Trump may be the best candidate for you, or he may benefit you in some way, but he does not in any way benefit me. In fact he does just the opposite. As a gay man fighting for basic civil liberties much like African Americans in the past he represents everything we are against. Now I could jump on the bash Trump bandwagon but that is not the point to my post. The point to my post is that I love all of you and only want what’s best for my family, and I would hope you want the same.

If Mr. Trump is in fact elected my dream of one day getting married and starting my own branch of the family tree will be shattered. My fight for basic civil liberties will have been for nothing and I will have to start all over from scratch. I know some of you don’t think being gay, lesbian, transgender, or bisexual, is natural or even right but we are who we are and we can’t change that. Personally I don’t want to. I have lived most of my early years in fear of rejection due to being gay and consequently became angry, mean, and at times violent because I was pretending to be someone I am not. I don’t know if you know but gay bars, and small areas of cities considered the “gay areas” were originally created as safe areas for the GLTB community. In the past we lived in secret and in fear for our safety.

I was taught in school and by many of you that all men are created equal. It should say all men and women despite your gender, race, or religious views are created equal. So please, I beg of you, before you cast your vote, remember that all people are created equal and deserve basic civil liberties. And most of all, remember me, your grandson, your son, your brother, your nephew, your cousin, your relative, and my dream to be equal.

Following the post, several family members left replies telling Ryan Rose they’d be voting for Trump regardless, with one even telling him that he’s been “cut off” from the family trust. Ryan Rose tells Str8UpGayPorn:

I have just been disowned by my family and cut off because of [the post]. I was hoping to sway my rich, white, straight family from voting for Trump, and well, that backfired. About 20 minutes later, I received an email saying I do not have access to my trust, and my mother text me that they can’t believe me and that they are done with me.

Hopefully, Ryan Rose and his family can reconcile after the election, which, as of right now, Trump has a 13% chance of winning.


  • GCHQ

    I have just been disowned by my family and cut off because of [the post]. I was hoping to sway my rich, white, straight family from voting for Trump, and well, that backfired. About 20 minutes later, I received an email saying I do not have access to my trust, and my mother text me that they can’t believe me and that they are done with me.


    • Goodboy

      Yes technically lying but possibly more ad-fibbing for the dramatic effect.

  • Awe

    This hoe said she was bisexual. Now she’s gay to get attention. He lies more than Brute Club. Make up your damn mind. .

    • commanderbusch

      Man kann Ryan Rose schon oft als überheblich oder auch als Drama-Queen bezeichnen, aber in einem Punkt hat er definitiv recht: Donald Trump darf nicht der nächste Präsident der USA werden. Ich hoffe wirklich, dass die Amerikaner nicht auf sein dummes Geschwätz reinfallen. Für die schwule Community wäre das ein Rückgang in die Steinzeit.

      • Marik Ishtar

        Translation: One can [say] Ryan Rose is often described as arrogant or as a drama queen, but [on this] point he is definitely right: Donald Trump may not be allowed to be the next president of the United States. I really hope that the Americans did not fall for his stupid chatter. For the gay community, that would be a decline back to the Stone Age.

      • Awe


  • Xzamilloh

    Is that a picture of Donald Trump on the right, or did you manage to snag a photo of Barbara Bush’s “O” face? Either way, I didn’t want or deserve to see that. `

  • Xzamilloh
  • moondoggy

    It wouldn’t hurt to give him credit for doing something right. Good for him for speaking out.

  • Trey LEone
  • McM.

    Ryan Rose is a republican who supported the social and political ideologies that created the climate in which Donald Trump could thrive. Sorry he is going through this, but my sympathies are currently reserved for those who have been fighting against this tidal wave for years. If Ryan wants to be like a lot of the republicans opening their eyes to the vitriol spreading through their party, he also has to realize it has ALWAYS been there and everything Trump says and does is directly in line with party policies.

    Now the rest of us are dealing with dangerous fringe groups who’ve obtained solid political platforms such as the alt-right and white-nationalists/supremacists, on top of the republican’s party ever-present goal of pushing society back to the 1950s. You know, when everybody “knew their place”.

    • jon

      I’m loving this Trump downfall tbh, because it took this tape showing him being a creepy, rapey gross guy to republicans freak out and not his comments about deporting Muslims, saying Mexicans are rapists or building a wall lol.

      • Marik Ishtar

        I don’t think it was ever about the tape; I think it’s finally their excuse for backing out. Remember how they treated Ted Cruz when he didn’t give a spoken endorsement? I can’t help but feel if this was Mitt Romney they would all be standing by his side.

  • Trepakprince

    You can’t be disowned if you were never wanted. Girl. Quit lying. Such a drama queen. I have a trust fund and it’s set up to boost my opportunities in life. I’m not expected to live off of it. If you’re living off your trust fund and you’re not under 30, you really need to reexamine your life choices.

    • McM.

      Dude is always bragging how much he makes from porn and escorting, I wouldn’t think he’d be affected by the loss of a trust fund.

      • Trepakprince

        Those who brag usually don’t have it. I was raised to never even speak about money so I’m more annoyed than usual.

        • McM.

          As was I, but you’ll run into just as many people who were brought up to talk about wealth and possessions. They’re the ones who give tours of their homes and casually drop the ticket price of random objects into conversation.

        • McM.

          Just an aside: not sure of the nature of his trust, but they are typically established to protect assets. Stipulations on use and fulfillment of conditions are part of that protection – giving a large sum of money to an emotionally immature person is irresponsible. Unless a person has proven themselves to be financially irresponsible, it is rather odd a trust can be revoked from someone of Ryan Rose’s age. By the age of 30 – barring conditions like achieving a diploma or other life goalposts – most trusts are wholly in the primary beneficiary’s name.

          Perhaps what he believes is a trust is actually an allowance.

      • AussieB

        If he has access to a trust fund, why is he doing porn & escorting

    • CA

      Lol–what is he talking about?

      Since when can you revoke a trust for not agreeing with your mother’s political views…was that written into the guidelines? Did they run to the courthouse in that 20min that he hit ‘submit’ and they emailed him? ?

      He’s such a liar.

      • sanfv

        I don’t think she’s a liar. I think she’s crazy.

        Trust fund babies don’t typically go into the military or work as cashiers at 7/11.

        She also claimed to have a degree in English Litrature a few years ago…

        • CA

          Well…there is good record of some joining the military, just not as enlisted men/women. It’s usually after a degree from Annapolis or Yale, but it happens.

        • 1234

          hahaha maybe you’re confusing it with another person. If he really has a online[?] degree, then why does he write English as if it’s not his native language? Too funny

  • DudeBornIn67

    “As a gay man fighting for basic civil liberties much like African Americans”

    Don’t bring black people into this, girl….

    • McM.

      Much of his party wants to take basic civil liberties away from African Americans so not sure why he put that in the message.

      The reference likely rubbed his family the wrong way as much as Ryan not supporting his presidential candidate.

    • 1234

      But didn’t you know- Ryan has A black friend…..

      • jacob221

        use the word “friend” loosely

        • 1234

          I was joking

          • jacob221

            both of them are two sides of the same coin


      Why do white gay men continue to compare the struggles African Americans with that of the gay community I do not recall people at gay pride event getting sprayed with fire hoses or being bitten by police dogs.

    • Ceeroc

      Lol The Gay agenda is so annoying. Bunch of opportunists.

  • OverKill
  • Marik Ishtar
  • Marik Ishtar
    • Bradster

      I could sit and stare at this gif for hours.

  • Jon A

    A bit miffed that Ryan Rose who I’d pen down as the brainless lump and a Trump supporter is against him, but CK who I had down as one of the “smarter” pornstars chose the idiot’s way/

  • Zealot

    I’m pretty sure I had The Battle Hymn of the Republic” playing in my head. Good for him. His douche factor decreased by a factor of ten.

    • Maximus

      Can we get Chloe’s take on this situation? I’m interested to know whether she thinks there’s any truth to Ryan’s post—if she’s not too busy, that is.

      • Zealot

        Just for you I reached out to Chloe, who is enjoying putting last minute touches on her segment of a community awareness plan for an Environmental Encounters for Grade Schoolers Impact Group. Chloe informs me their theme this year is “Nuts to Squirrels!”

        When advised of the over-arching themes of Ryan’s post, Chloe commented: “White guilt is a frequently occurring phenomena among upper-middle and upper class Caucasian Americans which often manifests through mimicking language idioms, music, colloquialisms, and dress of a perceived ‘lesser’ culture. Even to a point where those experiencing this guilt may take on some measure of over-identification with that culture; or feel overly responsible for their own culture’s part in the perceived ‘lesser’ culture’s subjugation.”

        Chloe continues, “while understandable to a degree, it’s mostly considered dumb and annoying among members of the perceived ‘lesser’ culture”. Chloe also asks, “was the post at least spell-checked?” Then she giggled.

  • sanfv

    These so called “rich” family members have terrible syntax and grammar. Isn’t English their only language? Master that shit, hunties!

    My favorite comment was from Joane;
    A+ for effort sweety.

  • sxg

    Oh boo fucking hoo your family is done with you. Bitch we were done with you after you beat the shit out of your boyfriend, or when you voted for Mitt Romney so you can keep your trust fund.

    • sanfv

      There was 5$ and a couple of Starbucks gift cards that never expire in that trust.

      I’d be mad too, tbh.

    • jon

      Wasn’t he also super happy after the George Zimmerman trial? Or am I confusing him with Trenton Ducati?

      • sxg

        I think with Trenton but I believe he also wrote something positive about the verdict. This cunt is nothing but white privilege at its worst.

      • Mike Julius

        Actually, I don’t think that was Ryan. But I could be wrong. Someone set the record straight, please.

  • Target
  • DPS

    Ryan has said and done some dbag things but still I have always appreciated his work and his powerful presence in his work and appearances. His plea albeit a bit rambled was emotionally sincere. Shame that his family treats him in this way but it is nothing new to many of us. My hope is that he keeps his self respect high in spite of the family hate. He is my brother in the gay struggle and I stand with him.

  • john

    the dont mind that their son takes dicks for a living but they disowned him because of Trump???

    • Todd

      In today’s America that actually rings true

  • Greg

    So basically, don’t vote for Trump. Thank you Ryan Rose for pointing out the painfully obvious.
    As for your family drama, no offense but

  • Scrapple

    Doing porn and taking bare dicks wasn’t enough to warrant him being disowned, but this was? Weird. And why did he have to put his cousin on blast like that? There always seems to be an underlying messiness to Ryan, even when he’s trying to pass himself off as a decent person. It’s also hard to take the impassioned Sister Souljah stuff seriously when he comes at models for everything from being out of shape, to having hemorrhoids, to having more box covers than him, and whatever other petty things pisses him off at the moment. But good on him for at least making an effort to do the right thing.

    • jacob221

      He seems to remind me of another friend of his

  • James Johnson III

    I’m sorry to hear that his family has reacted this way and I hope that one day they will see that a reaction like this isn’t the right way. I am hoping there is a reconciliation in his family and Ryan continues to stand strong and proud.

  • gnormie

    so wait…I’m supposed to feel sorry for him…because he doesn’t have access to his trust fund?

    And he has a trust fund…and chooses to makes porn?

    And he wants to blame his insecurity at being gay for beating up people?

  • Todd
  • Maximus
  • Diva

    “I was hoping to sway my white, rich, straight family from voting for Trump but that backfired… I received an email that I do not have access to my trust”.

    I’m sorry that’s the funniest fucking sentence I’ve ever read.

  • Andrew Simpson

    Sad to hear Ryan Rose family is SO HOMOPHOBIC that is truly sad. But I commend him for telling his story about the election. I like Ryan Rose so MANY people complain about porn stars being straight or gay for pay. YET here is a gay porn model who REALLY is a gay man in real life. Also Zach, Wesley Woods who is also openly gay slammed Cody Keller on twitter a few days ago for his publicity stunt. I commend Ryan for speaking out about this. This election is huge and extremely important for the gay community. People need to get off their asses and register and vote.

  • Andrew Simpson

    I do not understand the hate people have for Ryan Rose here? Have people here lived a perfect life never made any mistakes? Ryan has made mistakes we know about some of them. But I think his facebook post was sincere. So much hate for Ryan is ludicrous usually porn models people do not take seriously but his statement makes sense.

    • Scrapple

      A poster made an unfavorable comment about Ryan and his response was to make a video addressed to that person, where he wipes his ass with several hundred dollar bills. It’s not like shit like that is a one-off incident. He does fucked up things or makes fucked up comments pretty frequently. That’s why few people are quick to rub his head and tell him it’ll all be okay. When people show you who they are, believe them. Ryan has shown his ass (literally and figuratively) over and over again.

  • WhimsyCotton

    Ew, a family that proudly supports a fucking cartoon character like Trump is not a family I would waste my time on.

    • W Murphy

      Agreed, and I wouldn’t waste my time on my family members if they would disown me because of whom I support politically.

  • AJ’s Black Widow

    Lol, what a fucking drama queen.

  • Bradster

    Trust fund? Baaahaaahahaaaaahhaaaahhhhaaaaaaaa

  • Anonymous

    Why would a porn model who uses his personal fb account as an extension of his porn career throw his entire family under the bus and then be surprised when the distance themselves from him? I also have my doubts as to the “rich” as the way to characterize his family. The only group family picture looks like it was done at Walmart. There’s something not right about him but that seems to be true of many Marine-turned-porn-stars. I thank him for his service.

  • Marcus Collack

    1. If they are voting for Trump you should disown them, he’s is insane and a disrespectful, narcissistic, non tax paying, law breaking, sexual predator( (by his own admittance)
    2. If they didn’t care about him (Rose) and he was their blood, what gave him the inkling that they would care about anyone else?

  • Marcus Collack

    1. If they are voting for Trump you should disown them, he’s is an insane disrespectful, narcissistic, non tax paying, law breaking, sexual predator (by his own admittance)
    2. If they didn’t care about him (Rose) and he was their blood, what gave him the inkling that they would care about anyone else?
    3. If it is true, then pray for your family, and if that doesn’t work Heed the advice above from Uncle Vester/ Bernie Mac (R.I.P.) “words to live by”

  • lgb

    “Look son, we’re fine with you taking dick, fucking ass, swallowing cum and just in general doing that porno thing… but asking me not to vote for the orange bigotted sexist homophobe is one step too far”

    Sorry that Ryan’s family sounds like they suck, better off without them if they’re going to react like this.