Gay Porn Star Ryan Rose Speaks Out Against Donald Trump: “He Represents Everything We’re Against”

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Last week, gay porn star Colby Keller admitted that he’d be voting for Donald Trump. Today, another gay porn star is revealing that he will definitely not vote for Donald Trump. That gay porn star is Ryan Rose, and in a post to his personal Facebook page, he implores family members to reject Trump, reminding them that electing the Republican nominee will undo all of the progress made in the fight for LGBT equality.

Here’s Ryan Rose’s full Facebook post (reprinted here with his permission), which has been lightly edited for grammar and clarity:

So I have tagged most if not all of my immediate family, or at least the ones who have befriended me on Facebook. Furthermore I normally don’t talk politics nor do I call in favors but…this directly affects me.

For some of you I have taken to sports fields and bled, sweated, and gave you my all to the point of exhaustion in fear of letting you down. For others whom were picked on or bullied—or maybe your children may have been the victims of such bullying—I personally came to your defense without hesitation. And to some of you we have grown up together and have shared in some of life’s hard lessons, and been each other’s shoulder to lean on. For a few, and not to single anyone out, I have done things I really didn’t want to, like taking my cousin to prom her senior year. Regardless of all that, I know I haven’t been the greatest grandson, son, brother, nephew, cousin, or relative. With such a great family to have as role models I know I could have done things better.

I often look at your families and want what you all have, and dream of one day having just that and maybe starting my own addition to our family with the right person at the right time. Now to the favor and political part. I know some of you may be voting for Mr. Trump and it’s your right as a tax paying, voting, American citizen to do just that. But before you do that take into consideration me, your grandson, your son, your brother, your nephew, your cousin, your relative. Now Mr. Trump may be the best candidate for you, or he may benefit you in some way, but he does not in any way benefit me. In fact he does just the opposite. As a gay man fighting for basic civil liberties much like African Americans in the past he represents everything we are against. Now I could jump on the bash Trump bandwagon but that is not the point to my post. The point to my post is that I love all of you and only want what’s best for my family, and I would hope you want the same.

If Mr. Trump is in fact elected my dream of one day getting married and starting my own branch of the family tree will be shattered. My fight for basic civil liberties will have been for nothing and I will have to start all over from scratch. I know some of you don’t think being gay, lesbian, transgender, or bisexual, is natural or even right but we are who we are and we can’t change that. Personally I don’t want to. I have lived most of my early years in fear of rejection due to being gay and consequently became angry, mean, and at times violent because I was pretending to be someone I am not. I don’t know if you know but gay bars, and small areas of cities considered the “gay areas” were originally created as safe areas for the GLTB community. In the past we lived in secret and in fear for our safety.

I was taught in school and by many of you that all men are created equal. It should say all men and women despite your gender, race, or religious views are created equal. So please, I beg of you, before you cast your vote, remember that all people are created equal and deserve basic civil liberties. And most of all, remember me, your grandson, your son, your brother, your nephew, your cousin, your relative, and my dream to be equal.

Following the post, several family members left replies telling Ryan Rose they’d be voting for Trump regardless, with one even telling him that he’s been “cut off” from the family trust. Ryan Rose tells Str8UpGayPorn:

I have just been disowned by my family and cut off because of [the post]. I was hoping to sway my rich, white, straight family from voting for Trump, and well, that backfired. About 20 minutes later, I received an email saying I do not have access to my trust, and my mother text me that they can’t believe me and that they are done with me.

Hopefully, Ryan Rose and his family can reconcile after the election, which, as of right now, Trump has a 13% chance of winning.


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