Gay Porn Star Rylan Knox Has Committed Suicide

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rylan knox suicidePerformer Rylan Knox has died after hanging himself in his boyfriend’s apartment late yesterday, Str8UpGayPorn can now confirm. News of Knox’s suicide was first announced last night by his friend, performer Nick Cross, who posted a series of tweets imploring his followers to “cherish [their] lives.” Knox’s body was found in his boyfriend’s apartment at approximately 7:30 p.m. EST. As of post time, no other details were available.

Many of Knox’s colleagues, including Colt Rivers, Boomer Banks, and Ryan Rose (who just appeared in last month’s Poolside with Knox), took to social media to offer their condolences as the news spread.


Knox, a relative newcomer who had performed in multiple scenes for Falcon, GayCastings, NakedSword, and Hot House in the past year, called Florida his home and was extremely well-liked among fans, directors, and co-stars.

Less than one month ago, Corbin Fisher performer “Clay” also committed suicide, albeit under extraordinarily different circumstances.


  • BoomPow

    National Suicide Prevention Hotline

    (800) 273-8255

    For those who prefer to write: (all emails are anonymous)

  • FrenchBug

    All my thoughts to the boyfriend too who must be going through some pretty serious heartache

  • Seaguy

    Suicide is never the answer and to anyone who is thinking that it is seek help from a mental health professional, because you mind is not right if you are thinking suicide will fix everything.


    It is just a shame that this young man will never discover ( as I did ) that LIFE is not all that bad and things always seem to be clearer the next day RIP Rylan you were a BEAUTIFUL young man INSIDE and out even if you yourself did not seem to know it and may GOD forever be with all who LOVED you

    • von schlomo

      Except, they are not always clearer, or better, the next day. Many people contemplate suicide for months or even years before they finally go thru with it. While I suppose suicide could be impulsive, on the other hand, it can be very well considered, planned and executed.

      • KryX

        For some, it’s not about choice. The mind can go places where it believes it has no choice what so ever. If you’ve never been there, it’s hard to understand. If you have, you understand completely.

        • blue*comment

          Could you expand upon this, also?

          • KryX

            Sometimes one can only see their own self destruction. It’s not about wanting it, it just feels inevitable. I think that is why so many times those around don’t see it coming. To the suicide, it can almost be calming to know it’s almost over. For others, it is terrifying. Professional help can work. If anyone thinks they could use some help, just make contact with a support organization. An anonymous email will do for a start. People on the other side know how to help.

          • blue*comment

            From another perspective, not a few individuals see the freedom to end their own life in the least painful way as a “final human right.” The organization Final Exit is devoted to this movement (see: Agreed completely that the end is terrifying, but for some (particularly the elderly and disabled), it may be the feared pain of death which is terrifying, not death itself.

            Any comments or reactions to this notion?

      • blue*comment

        Could you expand upon this?

        • von schlomo

          Chronic Depression, or dysthymia, where depression symptoms last for longer than two years, can seem like every day is just as bad as the next, if not worse. For someone with dysthymia, suicide isn’t going to come about as a whimsical, random decision. When people suffer with depression for months and especially years or perhaps even decades, the hope of a better life feeling good is all but gone. Obviously, if one feels there is no chance of things getting better, ending one’s life is extremely compelling.

          The exception I take with blackjackahmmer is merely that depression doesn’t necessarily differ from one day to the next.

          KryX raises an even more salient point. Sometimes depression co-exists with other psychological conditions where the poor soul is delusional or hallucinogenic and either believes it is only right to end his life or hears voices telling himself to end his life.

          I hope this helps.

          • blue*comment

            Excellent points! Thank you so much!

          • Adi Oliver

            Would you be sad for him if he were an evil person?

  • Alan Keddie

    Yet another one of our brothers has been taken from us. Hope his soul can now find peace that it could not whilst alive. Our journey together had only just begun.

  • daniel harcourt

    It seems Rylan had many people he could have talked to,,the insidious nature of suicide and depression is no one to look at Rylan would ever suspect such a thing to happen. My condolences to Nick Cross and I hope you have friends who stand with you in the days to come.

    • Adi Oliver

      Would you be sad for him if he were an evil person though?

  • James Withers


  • FoineThen

    Is it just me or does anyone else find it weird to post the crying emoji (twice!) in your tweet about your dead friend?

    • Odetofear

      I agree, emojis are cutsie, even sad ones, so it seems really inappropriate.

    • amarie

      Yeah because thats’s whats most important right now….smh

      • FoineThen

        There are plenty of important things right now, but it’s this 1 thing that’s got me trippin’.

  • Erik

    This is just terrible. The last year or is it maybe the last two years, a lot of retired porn stars have committed suicide. That makes you really wonder why and of course becoming very concerned. This guy was active and not retired. Our thoughts goes to his family of course.

    • Adi Oliver

      Would you say that if he were a bad person?

  • Zealot

    It’s so hard to fathom the pain that must have existed behind that sunny boy-next-door smile. I have experienced the loss of a close friend to suicide and can’t begin to describe the sadness and sense of hopelessness you feel when this occurs. God rest your soul Rylan. And for his friends and family I truly wish peace comes sooner rather than later, but I know the process can be long and painful.

    • Adi Oliver

      Would you feel that way if he were bad though?

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  • John

    It just shows that it doesn’t matter if you’re cute, handsome, fat, thin, gorgeous body, rich or poor….everyone can reach a hopeless state.

  • stanhope

    Very sad news. What looks great in front of the curtain sometimes hides sadness behind it. While so many are envious of those who have great looks and great bodies never know what really goes on.

    • Adi Oliver

      Would you be sad if he were a bad person?

  • Jb83752

    Such a shame, so sad. I hope he has found peace.

    • Adi Oliver

      Would you find it sad if he were a bad person?

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  • matthew22929

    poor dude.

    • Adi Oliver

      What if he were a bad person? Would you be sad then?