San Diego Veterinarian Who Provides Free Treatment For Homeless Animals Named “Hero Of The Year”

Posted December 11, 2023 by with 2 comments

CNN’s annual “Hero Of The Year” ceremony was this past weekend, and the cable network of course gave their top prize to a complete egomaniac who is totally only doing his so-called good work for attention, probably just so he can be on TV. This worthless assho—haha, I’m KIDDING. San Diego veterinarian Dr. Kwane Stewart really is a genuine hero, and he would’ve been my pick for Hero Of The Year, too. It’s nice to hear about someone good and decent and inspirational for a change, so here’s the local news coverage from San Diego reporting on the doctor’s win over the weekend:

And if you really feel like crying some more, his full speech from the CNN ceremony is below. Good luck getting through the story about the sandwich and the dog…

I don’t know. I see this, and I think, maybe we aren’t doomed as a society after all?