Psychotic Felon Jumps Over Court Bench And Attacks Judge While Being Sentenced To Prison

Posted January 4, 2024 by with 15 comments

judgelv This is a violent felon who’s been convicted multiple times, and there was no bailiff there to prevent this from happening? The judge probably now regrets only sentencing him to probation when he was last in her courtroom for a previous offense. Via CBS8 in Las Vegas:

If you replay the impact (note the gif up above) when he jumps across the bench, it looks like the judge got her head slammed really hard into her desk. Thank god she’s recovering and wasn’t killed. I would hope that he’ll now be charged with attempted murder, but I’m sure it’ll just be assault or something.

The clip below (you might have to click it to watch it on YouTube) has unedited footage of the attack and the minute afterwards, which is extremely disturbing. Amidst the bleeping, you can hear someone (it’s not the judge or anyone behind the bench) in the courtroom screaming, but what are they even saying?

It sounds like there’s a woman yelling, “Oprah! Oprah! Oprah!” at around the :34 mark. Maybe Gayle King was there doing a special report.