Scientific Study Proves That Men With Large Noses Have Bigger Penises

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This has long been a sort of myth, but now there’s conclusive proof, via this new study from the Translational Andrology and Urology:

Methods: We retrospectively analyzed 1,160 patients whose nose and penis sizes were measured. Nose size was determined by measuring the length, width, and height of the nose, which were used to calculate the volume of the triangular pyramid. Stretched penile length (SPL) and penile circumference before erection were measured.

Results: The participants’ average age was 35.5 years, mean SPL was 11.2 cm, and mean penile circumference was 6.8 cm. Univariate analysis revealed that body weight, body mass index (BMI), the serum testosterone level, and nose size were associated with SPL. Multivariable analysis revealed that BMI (P=0.001) and nose size (P=0.023) were significant predictors of SPL. Univariate analysis revealed that penile circumference was related to an individual’s height, weight, BMI, nose size, and foot size. Multivariable analysis revealed that body weight (P=0.008) and testicular size (P=0.002) were significant predictors of penile circumference.

Conclusions: Nose size was a significant predictor of penile size. The sizes of the penis and nose increased with a decrease in BMI. This interesting study confirms the truth of an erstwhile myth about penis size.

It’s always been my opinion that the bigger the nose, the hotter the guy. That big-nosed guys often have huge cocks is a fun bonus. I was trying to think of gay porn stars with the largest penises who also have large noses, and I of course thought of big-dicked Aiden Ward, given he’s been so popular here recently.

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Aiden’s duo with Shane Cook adds further proof of the nose/cock relation, given that Shane kind of has a big nose, too. Perfection:


Which other gay porn stars have big noses and big dicks? If you think of any, feel free to share.

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