Sean Cody’s Brandon: Give Me $15,000 To Move

Posted July 17, 2015 by with 64 comments

jeffcopeSean Cody’s Brandon has appeared in 24 Sean Cody movies since 2011, earning at least $2,500 (if not $3,000 or even $4,000) per scene, for a total of at least $60,000 over the last four years. Unfortunately, Brandon wasn’t able to set any of that money aside, and he’s now asking his fans to give him $15,000 to move to Miami. Or Los Angeles:

I am looking to move to Miami or la and pursuit my dream of being a personal trainer. So at this time I’m trying to raise enough money to move, get a place, and earn my certificate so I can start a new and hopefully prosperous career doing what I love!!!

I want to get out of Tennessee #biblebealt and move to Miami or la and just live life and start fresh and do new things!

Does this GoFundMe mean that Brandon’s career with Sean Cody is over? So far, he’s received $50.