Sean Cody’s Brandon: Give Me $15,000 To Move

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jeffcopeSean Cody’s Brandon has appeared in 24 Sean Cody movies since 2011, earning at least $2,500 (if not $3,000 or even $4,000) per scene, for a total of at least $60,000 over the last four years. Unfortunately, Brandon wasn’t able to set any of that money aside, and he’s now asking his fans to give him $15,000 to move to Miami. Or Los Angeles:

I am looking to move to Miami or la and pursuit my dream of being a personal trainer. So at this time I’m trying to raise enough money to move, get a place, and earn my certificate so I can start a new and hopefully prosperous career doing what I love!!!

I want to get out of Tennessee #biblebealt and move to Miami or la and just live life and start fresh and do new things!

Does this GoFundMe mean that Brandon’s career with Sean Cody is over? So far, he’s received $50.


  • TK

    I called this in an earlier post. Brandon’s eyes were opened during the whole Wentworth/Burns trial. Ever since the $$ amounts were revealed (the actual amounts paid to the escorts, not the extortion figure) he’s become bolder, more aggressive with is direct requests on his twitter. I said it was only a matter of time before he made a GFM begging for money. I also said he’d offer nothing in return – pvt video, lunch, ‘gently used panties’ — nothing. He probably saw the part where it was revealed that MacKinzie is getting $5K a month just to be an old guy’s friend and thought, “HEY! I’m Brandon for fuck’s sake! I should be getting action like that!”

    $15K is nothing. You cannot move to a new city off $15k. Not when you have no job and no safety net. This is fun money and nothing else. He’s not gonna further his education with $15K. He’s not gonna start a new life with $15K.

    Of course, if there was a person in the porn blog industry with access to Brandon they’d be able to get some additional information from Brandon about why he wants to move out of the ‘biblebealt’[sic]. Maybe some info about how the people around him were kinda ,‘meh’, when they first heard he did gay porn, but now that he’s continuing it they are less accepting.

    • Yes, it was definitely a matter of time for him to beg for money start a GFM. I wonder what the hell he did with all his porn money (no matter the amount)… he probably spend it in stupid shit.

      • TK

        Using Zach’s calculation of $60K for his time at SC (so far) that’s $15K a year. I don’t know if this is true or not but I read once that Brandon has no steady job outside porn. So even though it’s easy money just based on hours you have to put in, salary-wise he’s basically working the equivalent of a full-time job at McDonald’s.

        Concerts, clothes, hanging with the bros, weed, supplements, gym membership, rent (if he pays any), paying for his gf – it’s a lot to maintain King Brandon status. Heavy is the head…

        • GN

          You think he pays rent?

        • William

          Sad to see guys resort to this….especially when there are people in REAL DIRE need of help! Kinda sickens me to see anyone use GFM for something as trivial as this! Guess the public is a lot smarter and attuned, minus the $50 contributor(s)! What did P.T. Barnum say about suckers?!?!!! 😉 ……By the way TK , I LOVEEEEE Marilyn and I am a huge collector. It’s where my money goes and why I have a photo of her in my wallet…to remind me that she keeps me poor, as she ain’t cheap! This funny pic is from “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” and she and Jane Russell are great in this classic musical from 1953. In reality, Marilyn was not a dumb blonde…then again, she was not a blonde either…lol 😉 …… Cheers and here’s to MmmmmMarvelous MmmmmMarilyn! I will be thinking of her on August 5th (53rd anniversary of her passing 36)…ALWAYS holding a good thought for her. <3 …Hugs from Canada….Billy :) XXX

    • Goodboy

      “$15K is nothing. You cannot move to a new city off $15k.”

      I don’t have any Diva expenditures and I would live very modestly. I’ll bet I could live like a king on $15,000 for awhile in my new city.

      • TK

        If you are being serious, you could – move all your stuff from TN to FL/CA, put a deposit on a new place, afford monthly rent/utilities/food. All the while not having a secure income source or being familiar with your surroundings.

        Chances are he’s not moving to a college town where there are some built in perks.

        • G Sas

          He’s a bartender, I think he could land a steady job quickly. He’ll need roommates but it’s definitely doable with 15. He seems like a pretty simple guy. He’s said before he has saved all his porn money to open a gym.

          • G Sas

            and he’d probably move just outside of LA or Miami to get a cheaper place.

      • ezra.jones

        yeahhh no. would work for like 3-4 months tops and then if you weren’t totally stable it’d send you back home.

    • Gazzaq

      TK your comment ‘I also said he’d offer nothing in return – pvt video, lunch, ‘gently used panties’ — nothing’. Fucking Hell Mate that’s so funny.

  • Two Cents

    Im not sure moving to Miami is a good thing for him. Sure, its a big city but hes gonna bump into Ryan Rose one of these days especially if he starts escorting and poaching RRs clients. RR doesnt like him and I dont care what he said in that tweet about having no hate for RR he sure doesnt have any love for RR. Cost of living might be slightly lower in Miami, but LA may be a better bet for him. Its funny cause I only know about this man because of his fight with RR. I dont get the fuss but hey different strokes.

    • Sask

      Dallas Reeves is in Miami. Brandon should be able to get work at that studio. Maybe that’s his plan.

  • Bob Bilbert

    Personal training? A dream? Hmmm. okay….

  • sxg

    The real bright side in all this is that a PT certificate doesn’t require a spelling and grammar test. Nothing says you’re stupid more than a misspelled hashtag!

    • TK

      He’ll never get past Abduction vs Adduction or Genu Valgum vs Genu Varum. Maybe rather than a written exam he could opt for oral? But then we’ve all seen how shitty his oral skills are…

  • Webslinger
  • Webslinger
    • Gazzaq

      yes this is priceless

  • John McKee

    I could have sworn that there were personal trainers in most cities not just two of the most expensive cities in the US.

  • Eric from Sweden

    Still, he will get the money.

  • TK

    These GFM dramas are never complete until Jake Bass chimes in. What does Jake think?

  • Can’t he just make some more mundane porn scenes for cash? I’m sure Sir Donald Burns is chomping at the bit to see any old crap these porn sites churn out.

  • C3xxx

    Should be $14 900; 100$ should go for a dictionary and english grammar course.

    • Jer

      The shade of it all!

    • Kiwini

      I’m sure someone would pay for a community college English class. Heck, even the Teen Moms manage to do that

      • sxg

        Even a community college English class requires better spelling and grammar! And in college, an English class is a literature class, so he wouldn’t learn shit in one! Even English comprehension is more about the structure of written reports rather than the spelling and grammar. What he needs is to repeat grade school English all over again.

  • Jax

    Several thoughts:
    -He’s claimed on twitter that he’s saved up his SC for his personal training career, but the fact that he needs a GFM probably means he’s lying or just really bad with money (or an unfortunate combo of the two)

    -I live just outside Nashville. The city itself is relatively liberal but Tennessee is without a doubt the buckle of the Bible Belt. It’s filled with self-loathing closet cases that would make for a breeding ground (no pun intended) of possible escorting clients and Brandon would undoubtedly make a fortune. Him wanting to leave it makes me wonder if he’s finally coming to terms with the fact that he’s at least bi (I don’t care who you are or what you say, no amount of money could lead me to have sex with at least two dozen women and still let me call myself 100% gay) and wants a bigger playground of guys to play with.

    • G Sas

      he probably for sure broke up with his gf. i wonder if ur right about him being gay or if he just gets a ton of shit about it from strangers and customers.

  • Colorful Kent

    Another gay4payer who only cares about money, not fans, not the gay community. At least, he’s not blackmailing.

    • Mike Julius

      Give him time.

    • James

      No surprise there.

    • Mihcael Davies

      but what about the openly gay ones who also have gofundmes for stupid reasons? It’s not that I’m disagreeing with you but it’s not just gay4payers pulling this crap

  • Kevin

    Why doesn’t he just escort, i bet he could make a nice amount of money just from topping some desperate dudes and he can up the price if they want him to bottom. Plenty of fuckers who want pop his cherry. Surprised he wasn’t on Don’s list although he probably wasn’t impressed with Brandon’s dick.

  • Zealot

    I don’t have any spare cash, but I can recommend a cheap, reliable mover.

  • GN

    No more dinero, we are done with you Brandon (And by ‘we’ I mean everyone who read that except the lone fool who just made Ulysses Grant turn in his grave by handing you a $50).

  • Mike Julius

    Reading him try to cobble together sentences is almost physically painful.

  • thomas

    I know a guy name Donald that can help him out.

    • Mike Julius

      Not even Donald wants him. Wasn’t on the shopping list, remember? I’ll give this to Burns: his taste wasn’t flawless, but he has some standards.

  • Kiwini

    I guess no one in TN needs personal training? Or he can’t rent a u Haul like anyone else & drive to Atlanta or Miami. Obviously, by his spelling, he hasn’t spent any of that money on education. I don’t know if anyone has told him you need some certifications to be able to legally train someone (I’m assuming he doesn’t have that). I still don’t get what these porn models (I can’t call them stars) do with all the money they earn. Maybe Donald Burns or Gawker can help him

    • Todd

      Isn’t Tennessee the home state for that website ‘People Of Walmart’ ? Perhaps If Brandon offered a blue light special, they’d be fighting for his personal training services in Tennessee.

      • sxg

        The People Of Walmart happens anywhere and everywhere there is a Walmart in a more inner-city environment. Although I have heard stories of some of the Walmarts in the middle of nowhere getting crazy, it’s NOTHING like the ones in areas with a large population!

    • sxg

      He lives in Nashville, and the metropolitan I believe is over 5 million. With that large population it makes no sense for him to move elsewhere to be a PT. And for a city in Tennessee, it’s actually a lovely place to live. I prefer it over Miami or Atlanta. And he’s too country for Miami.

  • Todd

    Brandon: Move your begging to YOUR Facebook and YOUR Twitter …….and I’ll give you ……..oh fuck it, I’m lying ……I still won’t give you shit.

    Move when you have the money too, you douchenozzle.

  • Gazzaq

    Dear Brandon Please Fuck Off Mate and get a God Damn job. Oh yeah you do have one but your not putting that Big Phat Butt to use. Giving up those Cakes up will raise you the hard cash that you need to move.
    The End

  • Kandel

    YAS! I was waiting for this… LOL

  • John Iii

    Here’s a quarter.

  • James

    Didn’t he go on and on at some point about hating dicks that weren’t his own?

  • DrunkEnough

    Maybe Levi Michaels will pay it forward and donate something from the thousands HE took so he could live at no fixed address.

  • G Sas

    he looks like an alcoholic uncle in his last video.

  • Theo Manila

    I don’t see that much SC video, but I always see this ad, is this Brandon/Jeff?

    • LSD

      yeah that’s him

      • Theo Manila


  • ezra.jones

    “just 50 bucks” he made it the day you posted this lol
    check again! King Brandon wins again

  • ezra.jones

    he should easily be able to find some hot older LA gays to make money from. he ain’t even trying. this gofundme shit is lame af

  • andrew

    Love your SC work Brandon but no to the GoFundMe request. A young good looking porn star like you should be able to make a ton of money as a bartender at some popular gay bar.

  • Caleb Exhem

    God damn 15 k to move where the hell is he moving to? Pluto? because that’s my only reasoning for asking that much to move and another thing do porn stars not make that much ? Like this is like the 100th fund me I’ve seen and I don’t know why but I feel like a majority of them are really terrible with money.

  • OverKill

    I’m so tired of people using GFM for their own needs, especially when they have the means to make money and save up themselves. My motto is, you can’t afford it at the time, means you don’t need it. If you’re a careless spender that’s all on you. So sad they want other people to donate their hard earned money on you because you can’t budget correctly. If you know you wanna move, duh save money, moving is expensive.

  • slipperyslope

    You gotta admire his pluck: “I just want to…just live life and start fresh and do new things!”

    I’m sure he’d get more donations if he ended his sales pitch with a shot of him throwing a beret in the air or something.

    Oh, wait- this is for real for real? Oh, hell no.

    • Sask

      Throwing the Mary Tyler Moore beret in the air with the toothy smile. Now, that’s a great memory, No such memories from this porn model. Just another loser who can’t manage the money gained from the SC money-tree.

  • TalkDirtyToMe

    Are we even sure that’s him? I mean anyone could have jacked one of his selfies and posted this.

    • Mihcael Davies

      But why would a troll do all that and still risk being sued

  • LuvsHairyGuys

    Is there a minimum donation for GFM?
    I’d like to give him my 2 cents…

  • Boris Brickman

    He’s gorgeous….don’t be so jealous…

  • nick

    Can’t you be a personal trainer (what an ambitious dream) anywhere ?