Sean Cody’s Brandon Blames His Boring Scenes On Sean Cody’s Crew

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After reading a series of tweets criticizing his last scene with Kellin, Sean Cody’s Brandon—who uses the Twitter handle “jeff you know”—took the opportunity to respond by telling blogger John Tegan and several other Twitter users, “Maybe it’s not the model but the crew.”


brand4Sean Cody’s crew has produced some great and some awful videos over the past year. So, it’s hard to say who’s really to blame for Brandon’s boring scene with Kellin.

Brandon continued, hinting that he might begin filming his own videos:


  • sanfv

    What does that even mean ?

    Sean Cody Crew: Tanner , stay semi-limp!
    Brandon, don’t enjoy yourself and look dead!

    Tanner and Brandon: Ok!

  • FieldMedic

    SG and you’ve got it right, Brandon’s always been a boring top… once or twice you can blame it on the crew, but since they change and the performer does not, this can squarely be rested on the shoulders of Brandon.

  • WebSlinger
  • Trepakprince

    He was never a great performer. He suffered from Leo Giamani syndrome. Gorgeous face, perfect ass but the personality of a pet rock. I hope he goes to Lucas Entertainment that way I could really not give 2 fucks. ☺️

    • bob80

      Whatever you think of Lucas E. you can’t fault its models’ enthusiasm, these guys enjoy gay sex and it shows.

      Brandon should have been fucked by someone with enough energy for 2 people. Liev and Daniel come to mind, they’re kinky as hell. Now imagine Brandon spit roasted by these 2, he wouldn’t have to do anything, these 2 together would take charge and totally destroy him.

      • Trepakprince

        Not arguing that LE actors are boring, quite the contrary. I just refuse to watch any scene that Michael Lucas has touched in any way. Therefore it wouldn’t hurt me if Brandon Slumbers took his beefy ass there.

      • moondoggy

        You made me think of Daniel tag-teaming Brandon’s ass when you know that will never happen.

    • FooFight

      I don’t think Brandon is as horrible a performer as many people do. True – his “bottoming” scene was awful beyond awful, and If the SC crew has any blame in this one, it’s for actually releasing the scene. But I still think one of SC’s hottest videos was Brandon’s first fucking scene with Jeffrey back in 2011. That’s still a “go to” for me. And you can’t deny his scene with Daniel was a scorcher, either (although much of the credit for the heat in that one goes to that kinky freak Daniel). I’ll give Brandon somewhat of a break here.

      • Edward

        Love him as a top…especially the Daniel scene

    • Gazzaq

      Gorgeous face, perfect ass but the personality of a pet rock that’s hilarious…

  • n24rc

    Who are in the videos, horny fans? I mean if you do it like maverick men, I’m interested in seeing it. Even though I’m annoyed that neither bottoms, some of their fans with pent up sexual energy is pretty hot.

    But Brandon is never going to follow through. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Todd
    • Casey Scott

      Wait, when did Forrest become a deep throat champ??

      • #FearlessFanatic ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜ

        Since forever

      • Mike Julius

        Where have you been? lol

    • Roxo

      Which cene is this?

  • John

    He has a million dollar smile, very very desirable looks including the perfect ass, but kisses poorly, not a great top and unenthusiastic cock sucker. Mostly he has his all American quarterback looks… with an average cock. I would love to service him and his ass, tho.

  • rmier

    that cole money surgery fundraiser should’ve been up top, not this bland meat!!

  • ToxicBrew

    Mind Geek released a behind the scenes picture pre CGI of Brandon. This will be exclusive to Str8UpGayPorn

    • Clusterfuck

      Poor kid.

    • sexnando

      omydeergawd this is so sadly hilarious

  • sxg

    Randy is easily one of the best tops that Sean Cody has ever had. Very few of his scenes, if any, would be considered a flop. How can the same crew direct Randy to make mostly brilliant scenes yet that same crew directs Brandon into making some of the most boring porn ever made?

    Jeff/Brandon just doesn’t want to take responsibility for how awful he really is, and SC is partly to blame for continuing to give him exposure and creating such a delusional fan base.

    • Sam

      I find it so interesting how porn (just like the nuances of attraction in general) is completely subjective. I cannot stand Randy. All his scenes are flops to me.

      Not only is his stroke game #gnarlyweak but his face! Jesus Hector Crist; talk about a plastic surgeon’s wet dream! I’ve never seen anyone with resting douche face have such a perpetually vacant look in his eyes. Even when he’s induced a hand-free orgasm from his bottoms, he just jackhammered them in a completely arrhythmic fashion. All size, horrible technique, so very little personality that we won’t even mention it. I usually prefer intact guys too. But alas, a hung hard dick in porn is a dime-a-dozen. Him being a mouth breather is just the frosting on the failure cake.

      • CA

        LMAO! I thought all of those about Randy over and over…the RBF just yesterday actually. lol

    • Gazzaq

      I agree I love Randy Haters Hate, he gives excellent performances. Brandon’s rubbish has a hot Butt but fit bod but nothing else.

  • Joey M


  • Maximus
    • Okosan

      I KNOW RIGHT?!

      • Maximus

        I just can’t with these hetero boys playin’ at being homos. It was cute for a minute, but for god’s sake, it’s time for some progress.

        • Gazzaq

          I fully agree it the same for a lot of Sites and English Lads is a good example of the guys making no real progression.

        • n24rc

          Well, what kind of gay porn would it be without any gays in it? LOL.

  • DLK

    MindGeek fired everyone at SeanCody except two. The end of SC is close. Maybe Brandon is right.

    • Zachary Sire

      If you have information, please email me:

      Otherwise, readers should be advised that what you’re saying hasn’t been confirmed.

      • Gazzaq

        Zach we know its not true but its a good bit of gossip though.

    • sxg

      Brandon was awful and boring LONG before the sale of Sean Cody to MindGeed.

  • OverKill
    • Blacharrt


  • #FearlessFanatic ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜ

    We NEED Forrest again. He rides the best, has the best ass HANDS DOWN, and can deepthroat. What more do you need in a SC model

  • Odetofear

    I wouldn’t say Brandon was always boring, just mostly boring. He’s had some great scenes. Maybe he means the crew wanted it to be boring and awkward. The straight boy fettish is dependant on the “I don’t want to do this/ just get it over with” scenario.

  • louie

    I’d be happy if brandon tried another bottoming scene.

  • CA

    Haha, y’all aren’t buyin’ it eh?

    I mean…if you really watch the scene a few times I think he may have a point. There seemed to be an unusual amount of interaction with the director/staff. I actually remember commenting just that point on here or another blog after I watched.

    There was even that ridiculous teaser of the director playing with Brandon’s hole. When was EVER, aside from SC himself early on, broken the fourth wall like that? It was way too much and I didn’t like it at all….I’ve always been creeped out by what staff requires of models behind the scenes to keep their employment. Anyway…

    As far as Brandon being boring, I never see that. He def. has been less energetic in his newer work than his earlier, but boring is a bit extreme. As always, I’ll say it again, I think the criticism of Brandon is way over the top. 90 percent of the tops at SC are substantially worse than him. Sean and Shaw can’t even stay hard fucking.

  • Zealot

    My inner child grows weary of all this Brandon talk.

  • pangelboy

    He’s extremely attractive, but that’s really it. He can also put in a decent scene with the help of SC’s crew, but he was never the greatest performer. And his best days are probably behind him. And now he’s off to shoot his own porn videos? Which are probably going to be more limited, limp-dicked, and wooden than what he did at SC. Good luck!

    • sxg

      With the exception of the extra chin she’s a cute thing! What does she look like when turned to a monstrosity of a drag queen?

      • pangelboy

        I can’t believe you’ve slandered Roxxxy Andrews like that…

        • sxg

          And after googling that name for good reason!

          • pangelboy

            Haterz gonna hate! This is the queen that gave us such iconic generation-defining moments as the wig-under-a-wig reveal.


          • Scrapple

            Roxxxy had some great moments, but her attitude wasn’t cute. It’s like the “thicker” girls always have to be bitches or comedians. Roxxxy was for sure in the “Bitch” camp. If you’re hot shit and you know it, you don’t have to diminish someone else’s achievements.

          • lordgabux

            I love these two!!!!

    • badgamer1967

      Brandon reminds me of Dean from 2SCM, he did his own stuff, he was bad on the 2SCM site and even worse on his own site, talk about dead floppy wood, it was a mess. Speaking of DEAD, instead of wasting my membership money on brandon’s limp dick and even worse his lie back and think of britain attempt at bottoming, I can save my money for when Deadpool comes out on bluray

      • badgamer1967

        hmmmm, nope!

  • NG212

    Oh my. I made it to Str8upgayporn. I’m Flips and Flops on Twitter, and Brandon has unfortunately been a flop recently.

  • Xavier Westenra

    I’m not sure why Brandon get’s all the hate. He’s Sean Cody’s most “famous” and talked about models. He didn’t get that way by being “terrible”…

  • Jonny Marzetti

    Hey, if the Oscar losers always blame the crew, why not Brandy?

  • mills70

    Oh here we go, another ‘bash Brandon’ thread… Go on everybody! Blame SC’s probs on him! He’s the worst porn performer ever! He’s taking the gay community up the arse, blah blah meh…. Actually, he’s none of these things. He’s a rather sweet guy that happens to make gay porn, thru a company that has clearly lost its focus. As for this ridiculous hate fest on him….? DARLINGS! If this is such a problem for you – simply look elsewhere! Brandon’s done plenty of gr8 films for SC. Infact, that one with him & Brendan was hot as fuck! Give me Brandon ANY DAY over some over muscled Mary like Boomer Banks or those mooses that run All American Muscle that believes their own hype yet scream high soprano…

  • hotdickcum

    Honestly, Brandon has a point. Pre-MindGeek, I have been looking forward and watch both action and solo clips of SC. But now, it’s just meh MOST of the time. Brandon may not be the best performer out there, but he compensate with his good looks, great body and honestly, he have a pleasing personality in the videos. He may not be a great bottom (but hey, it is his first time), he may not have a huge dick… but the point here is I enjoy watching him and looking at him.

  • kevin

    brandon might come to life in a straight scene.

    the best performer @ sc right now is probably joey. nobody else really stands out. far cry from the golden age of calvin & jamie

  • Clusterfuck

    Bitches be looking for their next panty knot.

  • Jon Snow

    To save the reputation of Brandon and the team, Sean Cody needs VIOLATE Brandon, in a trio with two of the best guys (Abe and Brodie, for example).

    They have to grab it with force and dominate the bull, fuck him it with all the strength, make him moan, make him scream. Until he said “I cann’t take it anymore,” instead of “it ‘s so good”, which is what happened with Tanner.

    And in the end, sending him the milk into the mouth. It would be the icing on the cake.

  • Gazzaq

    Brandy is all style over substance i.e. all Fur Coat and No Knickers. He is Hot to look at but a Bloody Boring performer who will continually return to SC Alas.

  • badgamer1967

    HMMM, nope! instead of wasting my membership money on brandon’s dead limp dick, pitiful kissing and even worse his lie back and think of britain attempts at bottoming, I can save my money for when Deadpool comes out on bluray.

  • Donttryit

    While Brandon was never a good performer, honestly, Sean Cody productions at this point range from average to poor. They haven’t got one stand out model, the sex is very staged looking, and it’s hard to stay hard watching their videos. I just go to SC these days to watch semi-attractive white guys try.