Sebastian Young Needs $30,000—For A Laptop

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Today in Porn Stars Begging For Money On The Internet, gay porn star Sebastian Young needs a new laptop, but not just any laptop. Sebastian Young’s desired laptop either has a diamond-encrusted keyboard or comes with a teleportation feature, because it’s $30,000.

30Surprisingly, Sebastian Young hasn’t made $30,000 bareback bottoming for Dallas Reeves or Michael Lucas yet, so be sure to click here to give him all your money.


If a $30,000 laptop sounds weird, how about a $600 car for twink sensation Jessie Montgomery?


Did Jessie and Sebastian accidentally swap GoFundMe accounts?

  • Ed Woody

    So he wants people to give him money to enable him to ask them for more money?

    • zach

      Makes sense.

    • GN

      I like how he calls it “save money” (Implying he’s putting aside his own money that he’s worked for).

  • Hi Presley

    Wtf. Didn’t he have another one of these scam asking for money?

    • J2

      His one from 2012 was very vague. It was for an undisclosed amount and just said

      >Hey whats up everyone it’s Sebastian Young. Work has been slow
      lately and I am in the process of trying make my own website with more
      fan interactions and New up to date stuff with raw material for all my
      fans. Any donations will be recognized and appreciated.

  • PC1024

    well its hot that sebastian is bottoming but I think he made a ‘mistake’ by typing 30,000. He must’ve seen what Zach wrote and changed it because it says $3,000 now. Either way….yikes

  • GN

    “Computer” = Bail $ for next time baby momma falls down the stairs.

  • McM.

    He’s had two whole years to put aside money for a new laptop.

    If he were smart, Sebastian Young should have gotten a new computer with a loan and then paid it back by charging a higher rate for private shows and appearances for a core group of subscribers while he built his cam-clientele.

    Then again, this requires some planning and being compensated for an actual service. You know: work.

    • Hi Presley

      Or do a payment plan but with his convictions he might not qualify

  • Sashenka Sasha

    The worst is the people who give him their money…like “wish list” is only trash

  • sxg

    He must have adjusted the price because it now says 3,000

    • Lovely

      He’s still asking about $3000 too much.

  • Who gives these guys money and buys them shit from their Amazon wish list? Someone must because it seems like every porn star especially the twinks have an amazon wish list. It must be the lonely pathetic old queens who lavish the twinks with praise and still refer to themselves as boy or jock even though they are 75 yrs old and rarely leave the house. This trend of porn stars asking for money is in my opinion not good especially when it comes to the millennial’s who already seem to have a sense of entitlement and grew up with less exposure to the real world where mommy and daddy or the old gay guys with money don’t provide for your every wish and desire. They don’t know the real world where one has to work and be independent financially if they hope to make it in this world.

    • Dutch Courage

      This is probably what your parents said to you!!!

      • My parents would take the belt to our behinds when we got in trouble and if we wanted something we had to work for it. Summers picking berries and stuff like that. Now kids can’t be spanked, and working in the fields is left to the latino’s that come up from Mexico to work in the fields. Kids have it easier now than it used to be that is for sure.

    • danny

      Seaguy, you are so right about the whole Amazon wish list bullshit. I wonder what those who give gifts to the porn actors think That maybe by spending money, the performer will want to get with the person and have sex? Or maybe, they’ll become good friends? Dream on!

      • Some of the models are really good about thanking their benefactors but in the end all the person gets is a thanks. And some are buying designer clothes and shoes for these guys and I am sure they have a different view of it than the model.

        I also feel like it perpetuates the cliche about lonely gay men praying on young men by buying them gifts to gain their trust like a child molester. If your that lonely go buy things for the homeless gay youth there are plenty of them that need things not porn stars just looking to take what they can get from people who are naive.

        • Dakota

          As Wendy Williams calls it, it’s friend in their heads. If the model hooks, they can interact in person.. Others who do appearances AR clubs or strip also have an opportunity to meet their generous fans. Some models really know how to work it to extract the most cash just like a stripper would do

      • Dakota

        Depending on how the model works it, they get some attention even if it’s recognition via an email or social media. They’ll post a photo with the gift and call out the twitter handle of the person wants. Some are ‘friends’.. Well fans… Ive seen it a lot on Twitter, esp with the female fans. They are actively taken care of by the studio and models with a lot of back n forth. They go to the models appearances, but their ancillary products etc. Green is green. Its done twisted family filling a whole on their lives. The truth is thats why some models r doing porn to begin with. And they live the attention and some semblance of fame and thus validation.. Its all worth a thesis

      • McM.

        Checked with a friend and turns out I was right about a recent comment on porn star’s wishlists.

        Wishlists and cashable giftcards are a way for those involved in the sex industry – as providers or purveyors – to discreetly exchange goods for services. It circumvents laws across states and countries, and since no hard evidence can be presented before a court primarily because they involve a third party (corporation), it helps all parties to avoid prostitution charges.

        They do violate some term of service which is why Amazon reserves the right to delete a sex worker’s list.

        • danny

          This is just so ridiculous. I never thought that maybe some of the expensive gifts the porn performers ask for are to be used for other reasons. I’ve lost even more respect for guys in porn who do the Amazon bullshit.

    • yaoirabbit

      While I have a serious issue with the ageism in your comment, I’ll agree that this whole Amazon Wish List thing is ridiculous.

      • I don’t consider it ageism its been in the media I am 41 to put it into perspective.

      • If you were talking about my comment that it is probably older gay men it could be younger too but my experience is older gay men especially those who come out late in life tend to have a harder time socializing so they are more likely to go online and usually they have the extra money especially if they are retired to buy gifts for porn stars. I had an ex friend who met this older dude who’s wife had passed away so that allowed him to explore his gay side and he met my friend through some website and took my ex friend shopping at Versace and that ex frend totally was using the guy. Until the guys gay grandson ran into them shopping and he put an end to my ex friends sugar daddy. So I used that as an example kind of in my comment.

        • Dakota

          A lot of lonely people and probably alot of socially awkward or people with depression or anxiety issues. Also folks in closets or in smaller cities… And women crazily

      • Dakota

        Can’t blame the models if people are sending them crap from clothing to electronics. Who even came up with this idea. Some people might say spending $ on these porn memberships is ridiculous with all the porn online. How much masturbation are you gonna do & how excited Ru getting over studios with the same exclusive models in scene after scene…

    • Dakota

      With cockyboys, its a lot of lonely Straight women by looking at twitter. I sometimes wonder if any men watch. I dont get any of it. Gotta be some really lonely people out there living in delusional fantasy world’s. Have salaries gone down so much… One SC model said he. Made 5 grand per scene. People must be throwing money away

      • Yeah there is a woman who follows a bunch of the helix stars on twitter and she is always fawning over them and when someone said something mean about one of them she was like an attack dog. But the image she ahs for her profile is of a larger white woman who looks to be from the midwest and I am thinking what hell are you doing following gay porn stars lady, go away. But who am I to tell her how to live her life. Just strikes me as odd. When they start moving in on gay websites that is when I draw the line.

    • sneeek

      I also wonder about the people who tip on cam sites like chaturbate etc. There are people who will drop hundreds of dollars a night on a cam guy. What do they get out of it? I watch the same thing they do for free lol

      • Hopefully they are at least getting a cam show out of it.

        • Face Palm

          It always seems like the performers suspiciously disappear once they reach the amount they were going for

          • That explains why I often see comments on performers cam4 pages saying things like “what happened to you?” I just assumed it was technical issues.

    • ThatsEnoughGravy

      I think the Amazon wish lists are pretty scuzzy, too (I remember head case Simon Dexter’s as being particularly over the top).

      But recently there was something about Tommy Defendi’s here; I looked at it, and it was actually kind of endearing.

      I think he is cute anyway, and, of course, he’s hung, and great sex whether topping or bottoming. And his list is just so…ordinary: clothes hangers, a laundry basket. It seems like he’s been thinking he needs a wall mirror and can’t quite make up his mind because he’s got about half a dozen on his list, from around $50–$100. Yeah, he’s got a laptop on there, the most expensive thing, but another testament to his seeming sensibleness, also the extended protection plan. There’s also a Lite-Brite, which is kind of cute, but mostly it’s just the most mundane of household stuff.

      I could be wrong, probably am, but it just seems like he thought, well, everyone does an Amazon wish list, I should too. And then just looked around his apartment and thought about what he needed that might save him a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond.

      (And it’s at the top of this site that he has started a GoFundMe for a friend’s sick elderly father.) He just seems like a good dude; his Amazon list, for one, doesn’t bother me.

  • Todd

    I want some of what Sebastian is smoking …. In both comments, he writes that the laptop he wants costs $2400 AND THAT IS ALL I’M ASKING FOR …

    Uh …30,000 …. 3,000 ….2,400. …time for another update, Sebastian

  • John

    If you look at Sebastian Young’s photos his face looks lopsided or something and much older than the above photo.

  • Hudsonman

    Let’s do the math… Escorts range between $200 – $400 per hour. On average of $300 that’s 10 tricks, I mean appointments. Well gosh how much can overhead run? Any good hooker, I mean Escort should be able to pull together $3k in about 2 weeks. Quid pro ho!

  • Dakota

    I still find it so amazing that all these porn stars who brag about making thousands per scene, often supplement with prostitution, stripping, appearances keep begging for money and gifts on fund sites and Amazon… But more shocking is who are the lovers buying them all this crap & what do they think know they’re gonna get out of it…

  • Josh Strickland

    I go to school & work 2 part time jobs so that I can pay for school, rent, food & all my truck payments…I could go the easy route & beg for things & money like these porn wusses but it’s called being a MAN and taking responsibility for your own life…Time to grow up little kiddies!!!